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... Absolutely. The congestion can get into your lungs and cause inflammation, resulting in poor peak flow. I'm glad you are getting such great improvement with just flonase. I take quite a few meds just to stay in the yellow range sometimes. ... (5 replies)
... Reader: You absolutely right. I have found that post nasal drip is usually what irritates the throat and lungs. (5 replies)
... I also got a peak flow meter to use at home. When I got home I tired it, I blew almost 750! Subsequent tries have been between 650 and 750. ... (2 replies)

... I don't know the exact numbers. And NO, I have NEVER smoked so that's not a cause for the poor results. ... (4 replies)
Peak flow meters?
Jul 14, 2003
... ve progression" which can indicate a previous heart attack. So I went to cardiac doc last week. He said everything sounds fine and don't be too concerned about poor r wave progression. ... (9 replies)
... ng directions BUT I must have lost track of my Proair doases and it has probably been empty for a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found a Combivent and I am using that. My Peak Flow was 575 a week ago now it is just above 250.I use a nebulizer at home but at work the ProAir which was empty, so silly me! ... (15 replies)
... susieq, I can't speak on the Floradil, but I had a similar incident earlier this summer. I thought I just had some sinus/ allergy problems and was diagnosed as being in a bad asthma flare-up. I ended up on Prednisone also, in addition to my regular Advair, Singulair, Albuterol and allergy meds. Your treatment plan sounds logical to me based upon what you have shared and the... (4 replies)
... I am using the Peak Flow Meter they gave me at the ER and trying it out every few hours. ... (9 replies)
... Especially considering that I take peak flow readings before and after exercise. I breathe so well after exercising that I almost go and throw the advair away! ... (12 replies)
... ime of year, I also wear a fleece face mask as well. I get really bad pollution build up here in the winter when the cold air gets trapped in the valleys so the poor air quality is an issue too. We've had unhealthy air now for a couple weeks. ... (3 replies)
... during exercise. Go see a pulmonologist for a proper evaluation. Also, the peak flow of 340 is lower than mine and I'm a 5'2" 66 year old female asthmatic. I imagine that 340 for you is pretty poor. Also, chest tightening is an asthma symptom. ... (6 replies)
... HI Ross , have you tried yoga or any other form of slow easy, honestly I've been having major problems getting a deep breath for around 3 years now and yoga seem to really do the trick for me. I have very severe asthma and I'm lucky when my peak flow hits over 300 (I'm a 38 year old female 5'8 180ish lbs so that is verrrry low )....which freaks my poor family out but for me... (12 replies)
... Hey Vanessa, Thanks for your response! I so hope and pray that this is not the start of some adult-onset journey!! (But man, I am sorry it was for you... though u mentioned having had it as a child.... still, it is a lousy deal, huh?). And yes, the acid can make u feel like you are having trouble breathing and its just acid.... like, lungs arent affected and can be hard... (9 replies)
... workers...though I'm sure they understand what's up with you. Hopefully you you were able to calm down a bit today, don't wear yourself out! Glad your peak flow is up a bit, hope it continues to go up. ... (40 replies)
... e pulmicort. She puts me on advair. I felt like I could finally breathe after over a month of feeling like the lower part of my lungs were no long in my body. Peak flow meter readings indicate that I'm improving slightly on advair, but ONLY after I go exercise. ... (12 replies)
... actually my insurance plan doesn't cover anything like nebulized medication, peak flow meters, etc.. it sucks so bad when i'm having an attack.. it's so EXPENSIVE for my poor parents. ... (11 replies)
... and afterwards I'm in the 60th percentile. I've had asthma since I was a baby and my peak flow used to be really really low. Because of this I was always tight and had what they call 'poor symptom observance. ... (13 replies)
Possible Asthma??
Jun 22, 2003
... I am going to get a copy of my results and see what they mean. I am also very deconditioned because I don't exercise could that play a role in having poor lung function. ... (6 replies)
... projected goal. At this time we do not have insurance for him and are living in a county with poor doctor to patient ratios. We have been told we have to get rid of the carpet and get laminate flooring. Is there any resources with that kind of item? ... (10 replies)
... Not controlling asthma in a child can lead to poor development, alot of missed school and alot of time being sick or just not feeling well a possibly other problems.. ... (16 replies)

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