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Prednisone tapers
May 25, 2012
... I have allergic Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis that has been horrible since the pollen season started. I was on 60mg for 4 days, then 40mg, then 30mg etc tapering every 4 days. ... (3 replies)
... t the permanent tightness in chest. I have started to really worry as none of the symptoms are abating. I Went back to the same doctor and he now says maybe it's allergic asthma? ... (2 replies)
Prednisone tapers
May 25, 2012
... They have been a huge help to me. I personally would never go on prednisone for allergy symptoms, I would only take it for a severe allergic reaction or my asthma, but I"m not sure if your asthma is flaring as well? ... (3 replies)

... I have a question out there for all of you with Allergic Asthma. ... (3 replies)
... days. I had shortness of breath which made it impossible to exercise, which I really want to do. I made an appt with my primary care dr and he prescribed 40mg of Prednisone for 5 days because my meds stopped working and my respiratory system had swelled. ... (2 replies)
... If you have had a severe allergic reaction, you should stop the Prednisone. If not, I'd follow your doctor's recommendations. There is a reason your doctor gave you the prescription. ... (5 replies)
... As I understand it, Prednisone and other steroids shut down the immune response so the body can better deal with things, inflammation wise anyway. ... (2 replies)
Prednisone Hell
Nov 17, 2004
... I too have been on the Prednisone bumpy road. And it's not fun at all. ... (18 replies)
... Whether it is allergic or not depends on what triggers it. Either way, the prednisone should help if it's asthma. Do you have allergies? ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for your messages. I just started taking Claritin along with the prednisone and my symptoms seem to be getting better. At least I am getting some sleep at night. ... (12 replies)
... PRednisone raises your blood pressure. This is what is causing your problems. Most people have this same reaction. It ususally lessons as time goes by. DO NOT stop the medication without talking with your doctor. (1 replies)
... I was given a 250mg solu-medrol injection on Monday around 3pm for bad asthma. I was then prescribed prednisone to help w/my asthma (in addition to my normal singulair and advair and albuteral inhaler) as I recover from a bad flu. I was told to take 60mg every morning for 5 days. I've taken pred. before and never have felt this bad from it before. I have severe headaches and... (1 replies)
... Sorry you've not been well. And no, I've never had a standing scrip for that. They will phone it in for me but I've never taken them up on it. I've been able to get over the hump. But I haven't needed anything other than my standard meds in years so I haven't needed anything recently in that arena. Since I'm allergic to so many antibiotics (just flunked my penicillin... (3 replies)
... My eczema is exactly the same way. I have nice clear skin without any treatment (other than avoiding soaps I'm allergic to) for months or years, then something sets it off and I flare like crazy for weeks or months. Sometimes I think of my (recent onset) asthma as being like my eczema, when my lungs are healthy and quiet, they tend to stay well, even with a little exposure... (25 replies)
... It's got a lot to do with the pollens and stuff in the air... and it's partly why kids outgrow allergies, sensitivities, and allergic skin conditions. If you don't GET asthma until you're a teenager or adult, or it gets worse as you get older, you're stuck with it for life. ... (25 replies)
Prednisone tapers
May 25, 2012
... an't take because of side effects. I would highly recommend finding a good allergist if you don't have one, because depending on what exactly you turn out to be allergic to, there might be lifestyle changes that can help too. ... (3 replies)
Prednisone tapers
May 25, 2012
... It's just that the allergic rhinitis isn't going away... ... (3 replies)
... of the time. I might become allergic to Ventolin Diskus in a few more months, but then again I might find myself able to tolerate it long term. Who knows! ... (7 replies)
... I have been treated for asthma for several months with a symbicort inhaler with only getting worse, after my episode last week-end I went to my doctor Monday and he changed my symbicort to advair and in two days I can tell the difference. And also he gave me a resuce inhaler and a small dose of prednisone. I hope this works. Thank you for all your input Barbara (0 replies)
... In addition to the allergens, the sinus infections themselves can be a trigger for your asthma. I've frequently had asthma flare-ups when I'm dealing with sinus infections. In fact, I'm currently dealing with both. For me, the asthma flare-up usually happens about a week into the sinus infections. I have no idea if that is "typical" or not. I've also had my asthma... (3 replies)

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