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... The nurse who called asked if the Prednisone was working. I told her it made me sick and that I'm still coughing a lot. ... (43 replies)
... I'm on Prednisone for the third time since November. I had just finished a 1 week round when I started my most recent higher dosage round on Friday. ... (43 replies)
... g heavy and coughing for a few minutes, and then I just couldn't breathe. I started getting dizzy, my chest and ribs were killing me, and I felt like I needed to cough but I just didn't have the breath. ... (5 replies)

... e been recovering from a moderately severe attack that put me in the hospital for a day. Last night, I was feeling pretty good, and was on the lowest dose of my prednisone tape, and decided to try to start working back into exercising a bit. ... (4 replies)
... now that MountainReader said that the cough from Bronchitis can linger for at least a month or more after the severe bronchitis passes. That gave me some MUCH needed peace of mind!! ... (20 replies)
Asthma And Gerd
Nov 8, 2007
... yesterday just so I could confirm that the cough at nighttime IS GERD and not asthma. Sure enough, it's the GERD that's still acting up. ... (5 replies)
... research this.... it's a much better way to use an inhaled steroid that works only in the lungs than taking the prednisone pills that go through the entire system. ... (5 replies)
... coughing up more mucus thing is that the prednisone has reduced inflammation deeper in your lungs and thus allowed trapped mucus to come out. The stuff that's coming out? ... (6 replies)
... rednisone, and it never happened again till now. This past February, I suffered a bout with pneumonia. I was treated with high doses of antibiotics, and 20 mg of prednisone where I had to wean off them treatment. ... (25 replies)
Running and the ER
Mar 23, 2004
... take albuterol as needed. I have a prescription at home that can be refilled anytime, anywhere 4 Prednisone incase I need 2 start it right away. ... (9 replies)
... That's what I would think also..I know it takes missing only one dose to cough and get short of breath. And ten days? ... (12 replies)
... Hello! New to the board but thrilled to have found it. I hope you can point me in the right direction here. First, some background- my son is almost 6 mos old, and since January he has had a chronic cough & congestion. Coughing is sometimes to the point of vomiting several times a night (not a reflux vomit- but induced by the coughing fits). He is exclusively breastfed, and... (11 replies)
... Thanks for the heads up. I'm going on 3 years of trying every inhaler in the book, 5 local docs (primary care, pulmonologists, ENT, asthma & allergy clinic) immunology shots, endoscopic sinus surgery. Its only gotten worse. A course of prednisone gets me back to 100% for a week or two - but then my breathing starts to slide quickly downhill again. I'm off to Stanford this... (3 replies)
... mild cough when I lay down, and shortness of breath that could be spontaneous or right after some physical effort, bot not so much during it. ... (2 replies)
... I have a flareup I tend to be more hypersensitive and have more flareups. When I'm in a bad cycle, it does wear me out. At these times I am usually prescribed a prednisone taper as well as my usual daily meds. Sometimes during a bad attack I wind up in the ER , where I also receive a steroid shot and breathing treatments. ... (6 replies)
... ter fever and aches went away. Only missed one wk day to see dr on Friday. Was rough day today . Used rescue inhaler every 4hrs. Coughing all day. Was started on Prednisone as of Saturday. Not sure what it is suppose to do for me. Or what side effects it has. I feel bad complaining there are others much worse off then me. ... (11 replies)
... mucus thinner, expectorant syrup. I still feel short of breath but not as bad. When I cough it just seems to move the mucus around but doesn't bring it up. The mucus thinner seems to have helped some but the chest pain is always present even at rest. ... (5 replies)
Is this asthma?
Apr 29, 2013
... when I had a nasty chest cold or flu. The flu lasted about a week, and I was left with a lingering cough and the shortness of breath which the doctors treated with mucinex. ... (15 replies)
... Well guys, I've officially been diagnosed with asthma. I've had a chronic cough since mid-late September, and have had bronchitis and a couple of colds since then (fun...and yes, the cough developed before I got sick, weird as that is)... So today I went to the doctor...a real one, not just the PA (Physician Assistant) at my school's health center. She took my pulse ox... (15 replies)
... diagnosis with this. I do have asthma with allergic and environmental triggers. Also, my reflux was "silent". The only real symptoms I have involve a chronic cough and breathing issues, not any heartburn or other "obvious" symptoms. ... (4 replies)

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