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... My baby has been on so many different medicines for the Asthma. Xopenex,singuliar, pulmcort...etc nothing seems to work to keep it away!! It seems to happen every 3to 4 weeks and if it's gets really bad we have to give him the steriod (pred). My two older sons never went threw this all these new medicines scare me.I really just feel for him and wish it was me. Do anyone know... (15 replies)
... I have been on Singulair for two weeks now and it has provided me with some real relief. However it does cause me to be lightheaded during the day and what's worse is that it raises my blood pressure. My average BP is 130/75. While taking Singulair I have had readings like 170/90 and my average has gone up to 145/85. The lightheadedness is bothersome but tolerable. ... (5 replies)
... Yes, you can take it. For pills, the "expiration date" on the label from the pharmacy is always 12 months after the date the prescription was written. The date on the bottle is the manufacturer's expiration date which is based on when the medication is actually produced (since they generally take it from the manufacturer's bottle and put it in a smaller bottle you don't... (3 replies)

... is it possible the doctor wanted to her again before refilling it?? (3 replies)
... Just because the prescription has expired does not mean the drug has. I'd go by the date on the drug information. (3 replies)
... I have an old bottle of singular. The RX label says it's all ready expired but the date stamped on the bottle is not expired. Can I take this? (3 replies)
... Be very careful about the symbicort they gave that to me and its know to give you eye problems which is what it did to me. I take instead of singuliar acculate and advair and of course my rescue inhaler. Sounds like you need to find another doctor. ... (12 replies)
Testing for Asthma
Jan 16, 2008
... sounds like gerd and maybe post nasal drip/allergies (4 replies)
... Yes...yes...Ohhhhh Yes.... it's weird but I'm going through the same kinda thing. I had allergy shots for 5 years when I was a kid. I was allergic to everything but the kitchen sink it seemed. As an adult - my allergy symptoms weren't bad at all - and I got used to things assuming they were normal. My husband and I had 2 kittens for 3 weeks - and my lungs bronchial tubes... (4 replies)
New to this board
Jun 15, 2006
... thanks for the responses. My son has a nebulizer and has been on abuterol and he is now on xopenex. He takes singuliar. And yes he has been on alot of oral stroids. The first Dr. we saw that diagnosed him kept him on steroids instead of perscribing a nebulizer. He was on Prednisolone (sp) alot. thats when most of the weight was gained. He has only been on a few steriods in... (9 replies)
Oct 14, 2004
... my son has a condition call an asthmatic lung and it is pretty much the same thing. The best thing for your son is to stay active. My son also has allergies which trigger his asthma. He is on an inhaler, singuliar, and allergra for this. He probably does have asthma. The thing to do is take him to an allergist and have him tested to see what he is allergic to. This could... (3 replies)
Singuliar Granules
Apr 12, 2004
... Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I tried ice cream with her and she took that much better. Her ped also gave me some chewable tablets today to try. We'll see.... Thanks again! :wave: (4 replies)
Singuliar Granules
Apr 12, 2004
... My daughter uses the chewables but my nephew uses the granules and his mom has been using yogurt as someone else suggested. (4 replies)
Singuliar Granules
Apr 11, 2004
... I have heard that yogurt is good for covering up the taste of medicine but i have not tried it myself. Hope this helps! (4 replies)
Singuliar Granules
Apr 11, 2004
... Try ice cream, and make sure she doesn't see you putting the Singulair in it. (4 replies)
Singuliar Granules
Apr 10, 2004
... Hi, has anyone given Singulair granules to their kids? If so, what did you find they liked the best mixed with it? I tried apple sauce last night, but she kept spitting it out. Any suggestions? Thanks :confused: (4 replies)
... yes, its very weird how breathing a little better can stop my heart from racing everytime i walk down the hall... now another question...lately i've had a very productive cough...i think it might be possibly due to the advair loosening stuff that a possibility??? however, sometimes i am in awe at how much my breathing is improved with the advair/singuliar....but at... (7 replies)
... wrin- thanks for your reply to my question...i didn't think that my lungs were probably too scarred, but i ust thought i'd check yes, i guess the fact that i haven't ever been hospitalzed for asthma is the reason that it has never been a priority with me, my family, nor the doctors i do however, believe that the severity (well, they're not SEVERE, but definately moderate... (7 replies)

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