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... but I still wheeze. I thought that if I weren't inhaling cigarette smoke then the wheezing would get better. ... (6 replies)
... but I still wheeze. I thought that if I weren't inhaling cigarette smoke then the wheezing would get better. ... (6 replies)
... First of all, regardless of your reason for quitting, congratulations on quitting smoking! I hope you stay smoke free=). Wheezing, theoritically, should be helped by albuterol..wheezing is the result of narrowed airways caused by 1. inflammation/mucus production and 2. tightened muscles around the airways. Albuterol helps the second one, by relaxing the muscles around the... (3 replies)

Smoking and Asthma
May 24, 2014
... cigarettes a day. I've suffered from asthma since I was 15, and when I started smoking it bizarrely disappeared. ... (4 replies)
... Is the wheezing noticed by you or a medical professional? ... (3 replies)
... I've been having slight wheezing that comes and goes for 2 months now. I quit smoking because of it. 2 chest xrays show clear lungs. ... (3 replies)
... uild up in the lungs can cause an increase in coughing as the built up contaminates work their way up and out. Also, My father in law who quit after 20 years of smoking says you may notice a difference in the shower as the toxins work their way out of pores. ... (6 replies)
... don't have that option as that combo is hard to find. I'd give it more least a month. I think it takes that long to see an improvement when you quit smoking and have no other issues. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you Solaray. I guess I just thought that quitting smoking was going to be some kind a magic pill to make the asthma go away. Humidity, allergies and cold air also cause me to have an attack. ... (6 replies)
... This has been so hard and I could so easily pick up a ciggy but I won't. I'm waiting for the asthma to get better. The wheezing is better but I still have episodes of severe chest tightness and it feels like my air is being cut off. I guess it all takes time. ... (4 replies)
... as well as wheezing, I went through a time when smoking felt like it helped with the wheezing. but it doenst help with the constricting of the lungs, it makes it worst. ... (8 replies)
Nov 24, 2012
... a day for about 35 years. After stopping smoking my general health improved and I even got back into sporting ending up running about 10KM almost every day. ... (0 replies)
Asthma attack from
Feb 16, 2017
... About 1.5 month ago, I was "wheezing" at the doctor office after smoking and so I realize I have to stop smoking.. I had stopped all forms of smoking for a month. ... (0 replies)
... ok so my back story, i was told by multiple doctors starting around 15-16 that i probably have asthma but never was fully diagnosed but was just given a nebulizer and rescue inhalers multiple different times. ive had pretty sever symptoms on and of back then and into 17 when i started smoking (i know smoking knowing i have asthma was stupid) but by 19 all symptoms subsided... (4 replies)
... When I was about 37, the smoking caught up with me. I would wake up in the middle of the night wheezing, I could only lay on one side and try to get to sleep. ... (25 replies)
... will see me for an affordable price or like payments until i get a better paying job. i was just floored that it all came back after all these years after i quit smoking lol. just want to get something so im not waking up coughing and wheezing or not being able to sleep from the wheezing and then make my lungs less sensitive. ... (4 replies)
... I would go see an asthma dr. I don't wheeze at all with my asthma!!!! It is something that you should know that way you can make sure you are on the right treatment. Good luck keep is posted (2 replies)
... Last week I went to the doctors and told her how I have been wheezing for a long time now. She listened a heard it. She prescribed me an inhaler and said its asthma. She also gave me albuterol in a nebulizer machine in her office. ... (2 replies)
Rebound asthma?
Feb 24, 2009
... I should also mention I am in my 40s and quit smoking 13 months ago. I have noticed my asthma has changed since quitting and am slowly getting used to the new warning signs of when I am bad. ... (2 replies)
... I'm 41 years old and in good health. As long as I can remember, even as a child, I've had issues with wheezing and coughing, particularly after a cold, virus or exposure to some allergen. ... (4 replies)

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