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... I tried peroxide for days and days with thrush... useless... Thrush is a pain to get rid so, I'd go to a doc and ask for "diflucan" pills. You get 3 of them and will get rid of it very quickly! I feel better within 24 hours. ... (27 replies)
... well i stopped the flovent, i dont have asthma, its from the reflux..idk if my prob is thrush or not..its worse now than its been and it hurts real bad and is a sharp numbing pain now on the left side...the sores are all along the base of my gumline. ... (27 replies)
... amoxicillian and all antibiotics can and do cause people to get thrush which is a yeast infection. ... (27 replies)

... (8 replies)
... I haven't dealt with oral thrush personally, but I've heard that using a spacer or careful inhaler technique can reduce the amount of medicine deposited in the mouth. ... (8 replies)
... i think i have thrush going on. way way under my tongue on the left its sore. also have kinda a dry throat. i started flovent 4 days ago. how do you get rid of thrush? ... (27 replies)
... ush, I quit the Advair for about a week. I'm not sure it's that good for me since I "really" abuse my albuterol during that time. I'm interested to know if the peroxide works for you. Keep us posted. ... (27 replies)
... oh joy.. I got oral thrush yet once again from my qvar inhaler (i think that's what it's from anyway)... Had to take another 3 days of those anti-yest pills but this time the Dr gave me a mouth wash that's supposed to help get rid of yeast. It taste horrid but seems be keeping the white stuff from coming up in the back of my thraot, thank goodness!!! I have to say, that when... (27 replies)
... well one spot is gone, the other seems to be hanging in. Not to be gross but I sterilized a needle, tore it and put the hydrogen peroxide and will skipped the advair tonight and probably tomorrow morning if the weather changes. ... (27 replies)
Oral Thrush
Mar 29, 2008
... Hello!! I tried the vinegar - could only stand it for two days - WOW it BURNED!!! I did cut back on carbs, added probiotic yougurt three times a day, and burshed/rinsed with a hydrogen peroxide solution three times a day - went back to my Dr. yesterday and its gone :) :) I am VERY happy about that!!!! (4 replies)
... without antibiotics. I'm wondering how long to fight with the hydrogen peroxide, I got rid of one spot but the other is hanging on. Skipped the inhaler last night and this am. Its just missing work is so hard, I just got a promotion and I have so much to do and since its just a spot and does not seem to be spreading:dizzy: (0 replies)
... the steroids in alot of inhalers make you more susceptible to infection which makes you susceptible to normal bacteria in your mouth, thats why rinsing is so important. Since I still have one spot I am still fighting with hydrogen peroxide. (27 replies)
... well one spot seems to be gone so I'm putting the hydrogen peroxide on the other one, I used something sterile to sort of break it open and then put on the medicine. ... (27 replies)
... I've been on advair about 3 months and have been fine and this am I noticed two small tiny white spots that hurts. I have been rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, I really would like it to go away. Has anyone ever caught it early and had this work? Wondeirng if I should do that and then skip advair. Has anything like that worked for anyone? Or should I just call my dr.?:confused: (27 replies)
... Hi, I do brush and gargle with peroxide, but I guess i do have thrush. I have been using the inhaler way too much during the day, but anyway I took a difulcan pill hopefully that will get rid of the thrush. I thought inhalers caused bad breath?? (4 replies)
Dec 7, 2005
... :) Try rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide. Even if you swallowed it--it wouldn't hurt you. All it is, is Oxygenated water. When I had thrush--that's what I used. Also you could try baking soda.That can nutralize battery acid LOL. My hubby would mix it with water and pour over the battery terminals when they were corroded. I think either one would work for you. ... (10 replies)

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