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... well i stopped the flovent, i dont have asthma, its from the reflux..idk if my prob is thrush or not..its worse now than its been and it hurts real bad and is a sharp numbing pain now on the left side...the sores are all along the base of my gumline. ... (27 replies)
... amoxicillian and all antibiotics can and do cause people to get thrush which is a yeast infection. ... (27 replies)
... I tried peroxide for days and days with thrush... useless... Thrush is a pain to get rid so, I'd go to a doc and ask for "diflucan" pills. You get 3 of them and will get rid of it very quickly! I feel better within 24 hours. ... (27 replies)

... I used to get thrush all the time on steroid inhalers. Some tips.... ... (8 replies)
... ething proactive and so I got another kind of nebulizer kit that allows me to breathe through my nose instead of my mouth. While I have not had another attack of Thrush my sinus membranes are very tender now. I am careful to rinse, gargle, and rinse my nose after I use the nebulizer but this does not prevent tenderness. ... (5 replies)
... So, now I use the Advair until I get thrush and then quit using it for a week until it goes away. ... (27 replies)
... Im on singular tabs and two inhalers ..Ventolin and Pulmicort. The latter causes me to have oral thrush regulary, I have followed the advice I got from the Pharmasist and the Doctor about swilling my mouth out after use etc.. ... (27 replies)
... I've had on and off oral thrush for a little over a year, and it all started when I took Symbicort steroid inhaler for the first time and neglected to rinse my mouth; I was then treated with antibiotics for it because the doctor thought it was tonsillitis. Since then I've been using beclometasone dipropionate (a brown steroid inhaler I've been using for years without... (8 replies)
... exercise induced asthma and acid reflux as well as too much thrush in my throat which causes my larynx to collapse before I get a full breath. ... (4 replies)
... Having experienced thrush from Advair, I now eat yogurt once a day and haven't had thrush since. I also rinse with mouthwash or salt water. Once you get thrush, it is necessary to use Nystatin or Difulcan to get rid of it. ... (5 replies)
... i may not know alot about asthma yet, but i do know ive had oral thrush ofr oevr a year :3 i have it chroncially, but only becuase i dont like the treatment so i just let it come back each time. apple cidar cvinigar, swich it in your mouth and gargle iwth it a little, you can water it down if you like, you shoudl do it once every one - three days, and rember to brush... (27 replies)
... I believe i may have oral thrush yall... I woke up yesterday morning and saw this white Creamy stuff in the back of my throat... ... (27 replies)
... Thanks for the advice, but I forgot to mention that I was already using a spacer; it's probably helping, though I've been using it since I was three so I wouldn't be able to tell you what it's like without it. Also, just for a bit of extra information, the thrush I have isn't that bad (usually a non-painful white coating on my tongue and a few white dots on the back of my... (8 replies)
... As an Asthmatic of over 40 yrs in the beginning I suffered terribly with Thrush in my mouth. ... (2 replies)
... months. I have to admit that I am not the best at rinsing after my inhaler, but had improved after the first infection. Any thing you do to prevent thrush when you are on steroid inhalers? ... (1 replies)
... (8 replies)
... I haven't dealt with oral thrush personally, but I've heard that using a spacer or careful inhaler technique can reduce the amount of medicine deposited in the mouth. ... (8 replies)
... THrush is usually a side effect of inhaled steroids - the Flovent. When you were on it, did you wash your mouth out after each puff? Some people are very sucesptible to it. I've never had that so I've been lucky. And yes, you need to take the trush meds to get rid of the thrush. Advair can cause mood swings. I know lots of people who had to quit it. Esp African... (4 replies)
... e all this gunk and said it was thrush. The medicine probably would have worked, but I quit all of the meds when I got the mood swings so I don't know. What does thrush even do? ... (4 replies)
... as they are daily preventers. And you should not have any thrush. Did the thrush med not get rid of it? ... (4 replies)

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