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... was diagnosed after the movement to switch from CFC to HFA occurred, so i haven't had to do any juggling with my meds. i actually forgot to ask my doctor about xopenex . ... (2 replies)
... Hey everybody, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I'm going to ask her about this stuff, but decided I'd get it out on here, too. I have mild persistent asthma and I started FloVent on October 31st, '08. I also take salbutamol pre-exercise and when I have symptoms. When I was first prescribed Salbutamol I was using it 2-4 times a day--typically 3--and... (2 replies)
... Atrovent is another drug in another category seperate from Ventolin that people with emphysema tend to get more relief from than they get from Ventolin, and it sometimes works well for particular asthmatics. ... (14 replies)

... Never heard that mentioned in any of my son's doc visits. Not even at his yearly physical. They've always prescribed albuterol or xopenex for my son. Is ventolin different that albuterol? ... (8 replies)
... Speak with her doctor, there are alternative bronchodilators such as Xopenex that you may be able to try. ... (2 replies)
... Spacers help a lot, period. I think so anyway. It took me a while to adjust to the Advair diskus(same as the flovent) and finally now i'm not getting the powder in my mouth..although when i'm not breathing too well the powder gets itno my mouth. My favorite for REALLY getting the medicine into your lungs pre-exercise is Xopenex..although it can make you really nervous if... (5 replies)
Jan 21, 2004
... oh great like i don't have enough problems..i went ahead to do another treatment after gymnastics now..and no mist is coming out. i used the nebulizer before and it worked great, so i followed the instructions to rinse off the plastic cup & mouthpiece..and now nothing is coming out! err whats wrong with it?? (7 replies)
Jan 21, 2004
... 2 weeks!!!! I use salbutamol/ventolin nebules and there is a 3 month expiry date on those. Anyway everyone's Dr gives different instructions but I can use ventolin in my nebuliser 3X back-to-back treatments - if it gets to that however, I have to get to the hospital. So yeah, you don't have to wait 4-6hrs like it said, of course if your using reliever meds <4hrs apart need... (7 replies)
... Most of these inhalers, have changed to HFA which do not work as well. I have just purchased Xopenex which is a rescue inhaler. Have you tried this one? ... (6 replies)
... The steroid psychosis that jeff is talking about is the kind of steroid psychosis one gets from taking high doses of say, Prednisone, orally. The small dose that is given to you in your asthma inhaler does not enter your bloodstream except in the tiniest fashion. This is like asking if your cortisone cream you're putting on a rash would cause steroid psychosis. The answer... (6 replies)
... but since the discovery of the effects of this previously thought inert isomer, they've come out with a new isomer of ventolin that is only the effector isomer. They called it xopenex. ... (14 replies)
... xopenex and albuterol are almost the same drug, the original albuterol had two isomers, put together in the same drug. One was thought to be inactive, and one was thought to be the active drug, but they've found this supposedly 'inactive' compound can produce side effects, such as refractory bronchoconstriction (a side effect I've experienced on occasion) Xopenex is simply... (6 replies)
... I've tried. The xopenex takes almost 30 min. ... (10 replies)
... of the ventolin molecule. ... (13 replies)
... I'm on the following meds for asthma : Slo-bid 200mg. Every 12 hours Servent 50mcg. " " Flovent 220 mcg. " " Singular Every 24 hrs. During low peak flow/when needed: Ventolin inhaler Servent Nebulizer Medication (30 replies)
Dec 9, 2008
... Many people have more prevalent symptoms at night than during the day and have seemingly atypical symptoms of asthma. Does the Ventolin help you? ... (4 replies)
... I've been using Xopenex this summer. Through July and the first half of August I barely touched it, but with ragweed season I've been hitting it about once a day. ... (21 replies)
... If it doesn't get better or it is lower than 300, i'm supposed 2 head 2 the ER. I take Xopenex in the nebulizer for attacks.. ... (9 replies)
... I have a problem with albuterol (ventolin) as well. It actually causes reverse bronchospasms in my lungs. We did a pre and a post spirometry to note the difference percentagewise and then I switched to levalbuterol (more commonly known as Xopenex) which is the left-sided isomer of albuterol and more pure. I don't have problems with it. The only annoying thing is that... (2 replies)
... works faster than any others we tired, but the Xopenex lasts longer. I need the fast relief, but would love something that lasts longer than the ventolin for a rescue. ... (6 replies)

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