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... So, I had bad wheezing after a cold from last winter. A regular doc prescribed me Symbicort. I had been taken it regularly, but recently my wheezing went away, so I stopped taking the Symbicort just to see what would happen with my wheezing. ... (5 replies)
... is back and we can hear wheezing. But he didn't complain any other symptom at all. It is a week passed since then, he still has this wheezing, it is a little bit wheezing in the morning and gone during the day. And if his head was straight forward, you can't hear it, otherwise, the wheezing is there. ... (16 replies)
Apr 11, 2012
... I had a question about wheezing. Fortunately for me, wheezing is usually not a symptom for me. I started doing a spinning class this week. ... (2 replies)

... My PCP dx'd me with asthma last September, I had 3 weeks where it felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest and wheezing while inhaling. ... (7 replies)
... I've been sick for 3 1/2 weeks now. It started out as a cold (week one), then went to more coughing and stuff (week two), and I went to the doctor who said bronchitis. Wasn't feeling much better, still had coughing and tight chest, went back to the doctor twice, and the first time they said maybe something bacterial so I got antibiotics, and the second time said oh, maybe... (11 replies)
... I am so glad that I found this site. My poor son has been wheezing for a month now. He wheezes when he breathes in and has a wheeze followed by a gurgle sound when he breaths out. ... (5 replies)
Tight chest
Apr 27, 2008
... and for the last week I've been having episodes of tight chest. My chest feels very tight but without any wheezing. ... (4 replies)
... Are you allergic to dairy? I am and if I eat dairy especially dairy that's creamier, I wheeze, I have trouble breathing, my chest gets tight, I get stabbing pain in my chest that hurts when I move, laugh, or breathe, I also got hives (visibly on my face and just over itchiness from the chest up), and lastly ear aches (in some people ear infections are caused by a dairy... (3 replies)
... looking for a new one. Last week I developed a strange response after sitting in an enclosed room at a pet store with about 8 cats. I got this tightness in my chest with little to no wheezing at all, and my inhaler doesn't help at all! ... (5 replies)
... First of all, regardless of your reason for quitting, congratulations on quitting smoking! I hope you stay smoke free=). Wheezing, theoritically, should be helped by albuterol..wheezing is the result of narrowed airways caused by 1. inflammation/mucus production and 2. tightened muscles around the airways. Albuterol helps the second one, by relaxing the muscles around the... (3 replies)
... I have been experiencing chest tightness on and off for several years. ... (2 replies)
Jun 12, 2008
... I highly recommend you start believing you have asthma. Shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness and chronic coughing are hallmark symptoms of asthma. ... (9 replies)
... Use your inhaler when you are wheezing or when your chest starts to feel tight. Or when you know that you are going to be exposed to one of your triggers. ... (4 replies)
... :nono: (4 replies)
... put on Claritin by the pedi but this didn't seem to significantly help, but it did help some. I took him to a pediatric allergist. SHe examined him, said his chest was clear. This was two weeks ago. I also had him at the pedi that week and she examined him and said his chest was clear. ... (4 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with asthma since age 9. Even as an asthmatic kid, it has never been such a big problem for me. I even do light exercises and if fact excelled in gym class. I have been using MDIs whenever I have pain on my lungs. But recently, the level of pain becomes more intense and I have also started wheezing. I have tightness in my chest, and continuous wheezing, and... (1 replies)
... unch i may have it as no matter what i did i was exhaused, breathless, etc... but he told me no. During the year i was getting worse, nauseas, trouble breathing, chest tightness, tiredness, etc.... ... (11 replies)
... and there is no wheezing anywhere in the lung and I shouldn't be breathing like this. He asks me if it can be stress. ... (4 replies)
... lly sick with the flu, fever, and a terrible cough a month ago. I took antibiotics and codeine cough syrup. But ever since that I have this tight feeling in my chest and the whistling wheezing sound when I exhale. ... (3 replies)
... Solaray – I wish I could be of more help but I’m afraid I might not be the right person your looking for. I’ll do my best however. I did do a search on common restrictive lung diseases and Interstitial lung disease, Sarcoidosis-granulomatous disorder and Extrapulmonary restrictive lung disease appear to be most common. Thank you so much. I received more information... (8 replies)

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