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Nov 5, 2002
... It sounds to me like your allergies make you wheeze, and it's entirely possible that this could be asthma. From the drop in your peak flow, it doesn't sound terribly serious, since you don't drop even into the yellow zone on your PF meter. Still, if this is making you uncomfortable I would look at a second opinion. ... (7 replies)
... diagnosed with asthma 3 years ago. Never felt wheezing or the "classic" symptoms, other than pain in back, shortness of breath. This went worse having a strong bout every cold I've got and I've got plenty a year. ... (0 replies)
... I am suffering with the same symptoms. They started me on Zantac for two months which did nothing. I had Chest x-rays done, MRI's done Breathing tests for asthma. All came back negative. I even went to a pulminologist and he did more tests. The pulminoligist sent me back to asthma/allergy Dr. The diagnosed me with an allergy induced asthma. I'm presently getting allergy shots... (7 replies)

... etimes it comes up, but it's hard to get it up. I have occasional chest tightness, but nothing that seems alarming or that lasts more than a few minutes. But the wheezing is every day. ... (7 replies)
Is this asthma?
Jul 15, 2011
... I would never get actual attacks, but just wheezing and only when I breathed in. I could breathe out just fine. ... (2 replies)
Do I have asthma?
May 10, 2011
... ups, then I did high knees in place for about 40 seconds, then 10 more fast push ups. After this my throat felt closed up, I coughed a bit, and I was wheezing every single time I exhaled, I don't think I have ever wheezed before. ... (4 replies)
Is this Asthma?
Jan 31, 2010
... In the beginning of October I got the worst cold of my life and was wheezing and coughing for most of October, bad fever etc. I stupidly let the Walgreens P.A. talk me into taking Amoxicillin. ... (1 replies)
Asthma attack?
May 31, 2004
... variant asthma where coughing is the main symptom and wheezing is either not there or barely there. Others have shortness of breath as their dominant symptom. It depends on the person. ... (10 replies)
... px a month ago, as I was still having trouble with my airways, wheezing, and coughing. I was put back on prednison, and it helped again, as once I go off it, the wheezing comes back..not severe, but it is not normal either. Everytime I talk on the phone, I get horse, and constantly have to clear my throat. ... (25 replies)
... non smoker with bad seasonal allergies. Amid my bronchitis I had a bought of wheezing that I thought was a bird flying over head but realized it was I took albuterol and it went away. ... (3 replies)
... t sound like chronic asthma. Sounds like your are going through hell anyhow. the best way I control my asthma is by controling my allergies first. ... (8 replies)
... I have had asthma for about 13 yrs now, so I can try to help with my experience. Throughout all of my asthma attacks and wheezing I have never had all of the symptoms that you posted. ... (2 replies)
... Spasms indirectly cause a wheeze, and you can hear them quite clearly with a stethoscope. They can sound like a lot of different things depending on what kind of wheezes, but one of the most common among asthmatics are polyphonic wheezes. ... (7 replies)
Unusual symptoms?
Oct 25, 2015
... (5 replies)
... It might sound silly but the last two times I've been there I came out with the same "lungs ok, no asthma flare" diagnose when I really felt bad. ... (4 replies)
... Also I don't have a cough no wheezing, and the Dr said my lungs sound completely clear. The only symptoms I have is just chest tightness and feeling like I can't get air in. ... (14 replies)
... and they sound quite nasty. "Decreased ability to fight infection"? ... (7 replies)
... Wow It's nice to hear someone witht he same symptoms! LIke you I have no wheezing and only feel the need to cough on exhale occasionally. My blood pressure has been good even when my heart is racing. ... (23 replies)
... You know how asthma is in the middle of the night... something wakes you up, and you go from sound asleep to coughing, panting and wheezing in seconds. ... (11 replies)
... It does sound like you might be developing asthma. ... (10 replies)

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