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My 9 year old son has also been labled as being in the autism spectrum (he was tested when he was 6). I feel that his imunizations as a baby has caused this because he was fine up until his 6 month needles (he stoped smiling and cooing and withdrew into himself). He received his 5 year imunization to start school. Over the past 3 years he has almost 'snapped out of it' and is fine (although he's quiet until he gets comfortable with whomever then he doesnt stop talking). His grade 3 teacher says he was perfectly fine and 'normal'..she even told me he's practically at genius level :) ...he even has a best friend now!
My question is this....he has come so far and the fear of autism has finally left my mind (he may be on the spectrum but barely now)...its time for the grade 4 Hepatitis B imunizations..a series of 3 needles in a 6 month period....they contain mercury as so scared it will mess him up and set him back...If that happened i would never forgive myself..he's so perfect and loving and caring and smart etc....I dont want to lose that sweet boy....but what if im putting him at risk of Hep B?....has any of you out there declined on the grade 4 needles?....any advise would be so greatly appreciated!..thanks so much everyone....Penny

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