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Autmom, thank you for your support and advice. Sadly when I try to talk to them they say things too quickly and i get confused and they treat me like a person without Aspergers (Which is great in one way..But not when they don't understand what problems I have and what help/support I need...I don't even know what help/support I need and most of my problems I have). Also if I write things/say things they think I'm only saying these things because I'm "Lazy" or "Just don't Want to Try"..Even though for 17yrs I've tried to be "Normal" and fit in..Which has only caused me Pain/Depression and Confusion...I've tried to ern the Love of my Father and Mum and Brother, and to have people like me an not treat me like a desease/weird freak - Which I have'nt got and dought I'll ever get.
Thank you again for showing me the Aspergers site,I've taken a look at it and it's given me quite alot..Especially the piece on It's not a deases and that parents should love the special child they have and not neglect them by using the time they have together Mourning the loss of they child they Wanted. Thank you so much

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