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Autism Spectrum Board Index 18 and am currently looking into aspergers. ive always wondered tho. and ur post sounded a bit like my personility. strange habits of having to have things just rite, fixing things,certain arrangments or ways of doing things, i will hug my family constantly alot-only cos i feel like a disappointment and dont want them to go off me or sumthing, but other people im extremely funny about. i can almost feel the awkwardness radiating off pple who even stand too close-it infuriates me and makes me want to run and hide, im jumpy if sum1 touches me, very shy and timid and quiet, i live in another little world of my strange obbsessions which have no logical basis-i obbsess over people, situations, places and other strange things. i get obbsessions with tv shows or artists and i will research them for hours, talk constantly, daydream bout it all the time.

soically im rubbish. i have a small group of freinds that im happy enuff with but cudnt tell them everything or all my feelings to-im bad at expressing my feelings unless its anger. with strangers i freeze up and become incapable of stringing sentences togther, sumtimes i loose understanding, i cant interperet what theyre saying and i take them totally wrong-like i dnt account of the persons tone so i get the wrong impression.i have a bad time with things like teachers and getting jobs-im afraid to even ask for vaccancies cos i think they can c how inept i am.

im quiet slow, easily distracted, not naturally smart i struggle with maths and understanding of logic with it, in primary skool i was in extra learning classes for everything, i was behind and slow, parents wer always in, but gradully i struggle with it just-now im a high acheiver cos ive had to work my *** off and am going to UNI hopefully.

now i still feel weird and different and it is noticable. im not good socially, i keep to myself alot(have hid depression etc), but i think an awful lot, very deep, and what may seem completly unfounded ideas, i get angry over stupid things and go hysterivcal as i did wen i was little(throwing, hitting,kicking,screaming). im a bit strange i suppose. i was thinking of going to the docs about depression but poss looking into the likes of aspergers or add. what u think. and good luck i think u shud def try and c about urself-r u any more similar to me? xox

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