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My oldest son (not autistic) was a great nurser and bottle feeder. He never needed any special formula or milk. He did not exhibit any signs of colic and was a very happy calm baby. However, he does have food allergies.

My middle son (not autistic) cried non-stop from the minute he was born. He NEVER stopped crying. I recall answering the phone one day, son was then 3 months old, and my friend asked why he was screaming...what was wrong?? I simply replied, "Nothing, he is always this way", and had to talk over the loud screaming. I would, at times when my stress level was elevated, wake my husband up at night (even though he had to work the next day), tell him that I love my son but I can NOT handle another minute of him crying. My loving, kind, and thankfully understanding husband would take the baby outside and walk up and down the street at 2 am, trying to calm my son. My oldest never really bonded with my middle. Not because he didn't want to, he truly wanted a baby brother to play with, but because I always said, "Leave A alone, he isn't happy...or leave A alone, he is finally happy." Well, at one year of age we discovered he was SEVERLY lactose intolerant! Of course, the entire first year of life, while nursing, I consumed milk and dairy products. The first thing I had when he was born was a milk shake.

My youngest son (not diagnosed autism but I suspect) was a very happy baby. He was strictly nursed for a year also. He was sooo calm and quiet. We had to force him awake to nurse for months! He was so peaceful that when he did cry it startled us. We did not notice a change in his behavior or developement until he was 6 months old. At this time we started oatmeal cereal (infant) and EVERYTHING changed. His temperament stayed the same. He is still a typically pleasant child (as long as we are not around strange children or I am cleaning the house or cooking food) but his development changed and so did his growth.

I agree with the others. I am not sure that goats milk is the best for children that young. However, I would continue to change formulas until you find one that works best for your daughter.

I also wanted to add that my middle son did not like to look us in the eye as an infant. He would deliberately turn away from us. My oldest was also fascinated with ceiling fans...he would look back and forth at restaurants from a ceiling fan turned on to one not turned on..over and over. Neither of them are autistic. It may just be part of her personality.

I can understand your concern though and how overwhelmed you are feeling. I'm sorry I can't help you more.

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