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My son is almost 5 and dx with HFA/As. He was dx this past July. For about a month and a half, I didn't want anymore kids. (this was last April when I found out it could be Autism)

My dd is 2 and NT. I was staring to wonder if she had a speech delay, but is now coming along nicely. She had Viral Meningitis when she was 2 weeks old. They said that there was no lasting effects, but I just don't see that. I think it may have slowed down her speech developent a little. She is "fine" now.

Since she was born, (I'm talking NEWBORN) I wanted another one. She was so easy compaired to my son. Very quiet, happy, just a great baby. Easy to put to sleep everything.

I'm trying to talk dh into another one. I think I"m there, but he wants to wait until fall. I would like to start trying in a few months (I don't want a Nov or Dec baby, too much going on)... so I'm gonna start harping on him again in a few months.

I know that they risk is higher for us to have another child on the spectrum, but I also heve heard that they higher functioning the child is, it also LOWERS the risk and if it turns out to have another one, it is usually the same functioning as the first (((( don't jump down my throat about this... it is just what I read, it could be wrong))))

So YES, we have thought and are "probably" going to have another one! :) I can't wait ;)

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