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Paul was Autistic acting from birth. The thought of Autism crossed my mine when he was only 2 or 3 weeks old. He refused to breast feed pulling away from me but while eager to take the breast milk in a bottle he still was uncomfortable being held close. when he began to focus on things he would focus on toys but never would look at us in the eye. He had a funny way of comforting himself right out of the womb ( rubbing his hands fast over him mouth) as a few months went by he would arch his back away from us when held. when he started laughing it was not at our funny faces but at movement or toys. With my older children I have fond memories of bring them into bed in the afternoon and them staring into my eyes and cooing back. I even recorded those precious sounds., but Paul was very quiet and would not relax laying next to me facing me but if I turned his back to me and he like to lay next to me that way. Paul was born the end of Jan. that Easter Paul was maybe 8 to 10 weeks old we got together with family and his cousin who was only a week or so older. We placed the boys next to each other on a blanket for pictures. Paul's cousin was going nuts waving his arms and legs in the air. big smile cooing and laughing at the picture taker. Kind of a look at me I'm here I'm here thing. Little Paul is quiet legs and arms at his side looking off to the side. The adult taking the picture making funny faces and sounds does not exist to paul. During baths in the infant tub paul stares straight facinated by the wall paper not the person giving him a bath. He became fasinated by ceiling fan. did not asked by putting up arms to be picked up. he would lay in his crib at night laughing at the light pattern cars light made driving by.

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