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:wave: Hi Chris
Firstly, u are certainly NOT alone. You are doing everything right, you are the parent, therefore you will not do wrong by your little one. Get any help and advice offered, don't wait. My son is 9 and I didnt get help (and yes, a diagnosis of higher functioning autism) until recently. We thought he was just bright and talented with outbursts. He walked at nearly 2 years, was in nappies 'til he was 4 during day, age 7 over night, delayed speech 'til he was about 4 but because he was generally quiet and content we thought we were lucky to have a non-grissly baby. I now face an uphill battle to get the help he needs because some of his schooling ignored the problem, isolated him without me knowing and allowed his outbursts to progress so badly that he was sometimes a bit violent which would then upset him beyond belief. I have now moved and he is now in part time education while I wait for the help and probably a different school. He seems generally normal to any outsider apart from some hand flapping, he has developed a wicked sense of humour and I love him, thats what matters. Good luck mate ;)

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