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I didn't suspect autism as early as eight months, but now when I look back I can see signs were already there. My son was also a ' perfect ' baby. I could take him anywhere and he would be so quiet. I just thought that I was blessed with the most well behaved baby ever!

My son would respond to me and my mother whenever we spoke to him. But he would not really respond to many other people, including his father. The only time he would look at him was if he was feeding him.

Have you discussed your concerns with the child's parents? This can be very difficult if they have no concerns of their own. I would breach the subject as gently as possible, because some parents get extremely upset when somebody questions their childrens abilities. ( Although personally I wished my family would have said something earlier instead of waiting until I told them my suspicions.

I would also consider a hearing test because he may just have difficulties with hearing people in certain positions or if there is other background noise distracting him. It is not always easy to pick up hearing problems as most people can hear most things but not all (Just going by family members who have hearing problems with one ear).

Just keep monitoring your grandson's progress and if you are still concerned try to take him to your local early childhood clinic. If your gut feeling is strong do not take no for an answer. Keep talking until somebody listens! Many of us here have had to do that to get someone to take us seriously.
Good luck and let us know how you go. :wave:

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