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My son is in 5th grade public, mainstream class and Aspergers dx. He is doing math work now that even I do not know how to do now thats bad. To tell my child that I cannot help him or explain a problem how to do it. I have never had some of this stuff he is doing and I did graduate High School just long time ago..... Now its geometry. I have no idea how to get perimeters or areas of all these kind of weird shapes. Can't do a reg. square let alone weird shapes with like dents and drops in it! Anyone been thru this or going thru it now and know of a good site to get help from or book?? Or even show us some examples even better!!!!!! He might have a problem like a straight line on one side for the length and a number like 3.5 then another number 6cm on a width side that has a dip/dent in that line. then other lines blank forming almost a rectangle. I just look at it totally lost and he don't get it either. There has to be some kind of trick or something that would help him get it when you don't get it???

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