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Re: Early Signs
May 7, 2006
[QUOTE=ferfyw]Hi Waterman from Canada,

I am glad you are having your son evaluated soon. You have received lots of good advice and info from all the moms. I think you should definitley get his hearing and vision checked ,problems in these areas can cause delays or autistic like behaviors. My son has mild to moderate low muscle tone (hypotonia) in his upper body. I was lucky to have found great occupational and physical therapists to teach me how to help my son. We did a lot of puzzles and worked with a big physio-ball. I also interacted with him as much as possible, I didn't want him slipping into his own little world. Once my son started walking (at about a year) his eye contact greatly improved. We also started speech therapy at 13 mos. I think that helped him more than anything. I was very lucky that my insurance company paid for that. Here in my state (CA) early intervention will only pay for speech therapy if a child is cognitively at an 18 mo. level. Keep us informed on how your kids are doing.

Thank you for all the information. I have a lot of confusion as to what is going on with my son, which I suppose is normal and why autism can be difficult to determine in the initial stages. I am finding all of this frusterating in the sense that he does do some questionable things but also does things that I am told are unusual things. For example he does seem to talk to his hand, mostly his right hand. he seems vacant or lost sometimes. He is also not rolling over all the way - does turn on his side, and he has difficulty holding things without dropping them after a few minutes, however on the other side of things he will smile at almost anyone who smiles at him including his twin sister, he likes to be talked to and does seem to try to talk back - although he is a quiet baby overall, he will fall asleep in my arms and is soothed by physical contact. So far I have a hearing test and a mini assessment later this month. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks.

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