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My little 4 1/2 year old is right on the borderline.
He does not have any ticks. No flapping, tiptoe walking or anything like that.
You can't have a conversation with him though. Very limited in his ability to really do that. He can talk but to me it's more like talking in words rather than sentences. He does use sentences and expressions but a lot of that is learned from repetition. If someone is sad he knows. His eye contact has greatly improved. But I hate eye contact too. So big deal. Anyway, he does do pretend play (not a lot). He mostly plays good guys and bad guys and has his men fight and fall and die. And he also like to play fake fighting with his brother. They move in slow motion like they are fighting. But so they don't really make contact. He likes playing sports and is too good for his age. He is also a puzzle wiz. At age 2 he was a puzzle wiz. He also knew all the sounds of the alphabet in order or out of order. He could count easy and knew how to add. He knew the names of many shapes and colors.
He hid a lot from people. Every public event he would rather be under the table. He hated tags, socks and his brother sitting too close. I'm using past tense because he is not so bad anymore. He picks the days he wants to make friends. And he acts more like a three year old when playing with them.
Not really playing anything constructive, just chasing each other. He loves Video games and TV. He loves Star Wars and Harry Potty. He likes to reenact all the seems. Over all he is doing very well with therapy but he needs much more speech then he is getting. And he has fits and cries a lot. Doesn't like transition unless he is making it and not forced.
He's a picky eater. But he is also spoiled and that is our fault. Oh he also doesn't do #2 in the potty. He is scared to death of sitting on the potty. He likes to do #1 but he's standing. You can ask me questions if you like. It's hard to tell you everything. He has changed through the years so I don't always remember every little thing. He was an awesome quiet baby. But never liked strangers.

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