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Dianosed today
Jul 26, 2006
hello my name is rose
and today my son was diagnosed the doctor told us that my son jazz has global developmental delays and autistic tendencies but he wont be able to tell for another year till my son is 2 and a half or 3 how bad its going to be and how badly it will affect his and our lives :confused: im so confused i just thought he was a quiet baby a good baby who amused himself while mummy does the washing and cleans the house or does the other mummy jobs but then the doc tells me these can be signs of autism
the doctor cant tell me what might be in store for my sons future because he is to young to be able to tell how bad its going to be i cried all afternoon and then brought the boys a new toy each i feel like i have to spoil them and give them extra because i cant protect them from this i cant protect jazz from the effects of having autism and i cant protect ricky either i know jazz is going to require more attention then ricky with all his therapies and i feel guilty that ricky will get less attention so i lavish them with extra cuddles and a new toy or a cookie instead of the fruit and muslie bars i usually give them for snacks i just dont know what to do
i was told today special children are given to special parents but am i really able to handle all this??
thanks for listening and to anyone who reads this i would love your advice or just to talk to someone who has been where i am because i really need some help with this
thank you all:wave:

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