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Re: Medical Tests
Oct 18, 2006
Some of the things that DAN doctors address are very important to many issues children with autism have. Things like excess metals in the system, leaky guts and candida issues, allergies, limited diets, can cause symptoms like learning problems, behavior issues, speech problems, skin problems, bowel problems, and many other issues. So when these medical issues are addressed it can help many children live fuller, happier, lives.
I've heard more success stories over the years with looking into dietary and biomedical approaches than I have with ABA, floortime, RDI, and other behavioral therapies. I know alot of parents personally who have seen speech and learning capabilities skyrocket with biomedical intervention when nothing else was working, and behaviors, stimming, self injurious behavior, and so on decrease dramatically. I am such a believer that I would encourage anyone with a child on the spectrum to become familiar with the scientific philosophies behind DAN and biomedical approaches for the sake of their kids, just like having a child with any illness, you would want to know if something is out there that is working wonders for a lot of families.
We were on a very limited finance when we did DAN and it took a huge chunk out of our day to day expenses. But I have seem 50%-75% improvements in my children's behaviors, ability to focus, and language so I would do it again. We also do ABA and have for years, but I have found it limiting if I don't address the underlying physical issues. You can do alot on a limited budget, implementing diets and doing some natural less toxic chelation, and doing some of the more important vitamins to improve gut health and brain function, but it's a matter of spending alot of time becoming familiar with the science behind the program and understanding the philosophies. But I would say buying a book and becoming familiar with a treatment that is helping countless children with autism is financially within reason for most people.

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