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i have the Exact same speach problem,
i think one thing, then say something totally differnet, just becuase i cant word what i meant, and that causes SO many problems
no one belives i have verbal problems ebcuase i speak very clearly and have abig vocabulry, except when i jumble two words together or something.

i also read phsyical clumsiness is a sign, bloody hell, i SO have that, just yesterday i bumped or hit or dropped things atleast 50 times.

once i was in detention at school, and teh chair next to me had a big blotch of gunk on it, and i started scrapeing it off and everyone said "eww! your so weird and gross! why are you clenaing that?!"

i do obsess a little with numbers, but not that way, i have trouble with stuff i a row (forgot the word for that) but i prefer odd numbers to even.

i dont have confidence problems ONLY becuase of my pet, i used to, but he kind of spoils me, hes always been telling meim perfect and he loves my weirdo quarks, and that kind of snapped me back to "if they dont like me, Their problem, Not mine."

like almost All of my freidns are in tehir mid twenties, and im only 17, i read tahts anotehr sign of aspergers, feeling liek you relate mroe to adults than peers as a kid, ive always liked adults more. my younger freinds are all realy mature, too.

i get on my parenst nervesin some ways;
like wheni go "what?! noo i cnat leave now ineed a shwerand to brush my teeth! first, always! -freak out-" and they jsut want to practcially drag me out the door
i freak over my "system" all teh time whe its disrupted, like when i always set up a case a certain way, themy dad or brtehr set it up differently, i go back and change it.

i do open and close doors and drawers Alot
i like it, i dontknow why, i feel kindof liek i have to, the same way i sometiems count my steps in 3s like "1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3" or to 5, depending and i pull my hair, id ont know if thast related, but i do. andi have to stop on 3 or 5 when i do count, i will even walk past my destination or right up to a wall if i have to.

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