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everything i touch definitly has to do with art, usualy i dont conciously notice im touching it, or if i do i dontthink its weird until someone asks me "what are you doing?"

i always twitch my leg, and talk with my hands, and i am a germ-phobe-practically, so i would never ever bite my nails. but i do paint my nails and then chip the nailpolish off over and over, and i pull on my hair.

one otehr question

last night my dad was complaining saying i shouldnt say me or my brother ar ebeing tested for "autism" becuase people will "laugh in my face" becuase normal people take it as "something horrable where someone just rocks back and forth and never speaks"
well then WHAT am i suposed to say?
there is mor ethan one type of autism, and if someone Doesnt know it i can just explain cant i?

someone else (who was dyslexic, practcially spit in my face) told me i shouldnt tell anyone if i ahve any "problems" becuase if i TELL soemone im making an excuse for myself (i dont think aspergers is a Problem, i think its a different way of thinking)
and i MUST not care about who im talking to or what i am saying if i dont spellcheck every single thing i type online
but everyone dyslexic i know, and i know alot, has perfect typeing, becuase the hard part for them is spelling
the hard part for ME is wording, i try very hard to say what i mean the way i mean it (not always successfully) and i figure if im trying that hard and id ont ahve time to ontop of that spellcheck Everything, how is that so bad and not careing?

it seems like people want me to just keep it to myself
but i dont understand why
my friend lanie does, she only told me after i told her, but lanie is a quiet and cynical person, she doesnt tell most people anything at all, so i understand why she would
should i?

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