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That's a very good message, you've had to overcome a lot of bad training.

I haven't had the baby-talk happen, nor has my grown son as far as I know. In fact, I talked to him as if he was a grown-up from the time he could talk. No baby-talk, and always assuming he had a little more understanding than he really did. He has thanked me for that several times.

However, my family "gave" me many dysfunctional beliefs that took years to overcome, and some are so ingrained that they may never get fully under control.

Around new people, what does seem to happen to me is this: as long as the person doesn't know I have Aspergers, they talk to me "normal". When they find out, they don't seem to know what to say anymore, and avoid me, or act as if I have some dreaded disease, or feel "sorry" for me. Pllleeeaase.... Friends just take it in stride, and usually forget, except for my periodic oddness. People who care about me won't care that I have it; people who want to harm me will use it against me. And I can't read a person well enough to know the difference. I try not to tell people about it. Things work out better that way. People treat "weird" people one way, and people with a "known disease" a totally different way. I'm seriously weird!

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