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I have a 3 1/2 old boy with autism. And I was so~~ happy to see my newborn cooing and smiling at me when he was 2 months old. I felt I was always smiling at that time. But everything changed after he got his 2 month old immune shot. He stopped cooing, his eye contact is less, and he is a very quiet baby now at 5 months. He makes very short eye contact, and it can be better when he is laying on his back or with a distance. When he is lift up or close to my face, he will look at somewhere else. He will smile at me but barely laughing. He used to "talk" to me for 20 minutes at 2 months but not a sound now. In a word. a lot of red flags regarding autism. He is almost the same with his brother as a baby, but he used to be so so different at one time. I decided to postpone his vaccination and other than that, I want to do everything i can do to find back my communicative baby. Has anybody ever seen this happen before, as early as 2 months? if there is, what reason could it be? Is there anything I should check or any lab test I should do that come into your mind? Please help me. I am so desperate for a healthy kid, please!

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