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Concerns with baby
Jun 11, 2012
I am naturally a worrier. I have also always been worried of autism, just because so many boys seem to get diagnosed. My son will be 5 months next week. He smiles, has eye contact, is rolling over, and has reached most of those milestones.
HOWEVER, he doesn't talk (coo, babble) much. It seems like maybe he goes through quiet times (that will last like a week). I really wish I heard more babbles!
ALSO, he doesn't laugh. Sometimes he looks like he's going to laugh but then no sound comes out. He does laugh when he is ticked (does this count?)
He does this thing with his hands when he nurses- he links them together and moves them up and down vigorously. I didn't think much of this as I thought he was just getting control over his limbs and such.
He doesn't respond to his name yet.
Basically I am concerned because my baby is quiet. Also, he smiles at strangers but not too easily, sometimes people really have to work for it. Do you think I should be concerned? I want to get him checked out but don't want to hear that it is too early to tell. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and time.

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