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Re: Opinions please
Jun 27, 2012
I think that a doctor who says you're silly should say...let's do some testing, or at the very least find out resources for you.

I don't know what the testing guidelines would be, but I'm initially wondering about his hearing.

It could be that his behaviours are a result of frustration regarding some communication, his needs and wants or the fact that you're not getting what it is that he wants.
Do you have your own guidelines regarding what's appropriate and what's not for his actions? He's still at the age where he's the centre of the

While you're seeking the professional help you need regarding your son's behaviours and possible autism, I would urge you to look into baby sign language. Manual skills are developed before speech, and if you two have communication happening...he may feel more comfortable in developing his language skills.

I'm also wondering if you're doing more talking for him rather than letting him talk? He's still observing plenty and if his hearing is fine, he's taking in what he needs to regarding speech. There are some games that might help.

Consider also his environment. If it's more noisy and if he talks less or if he does more hand flapping or extreme could be that he's frustrated or overwhelmed.

I have a niece who was consistently in a noisy environment, and when she was quiet....her mom and grandparents consistently distracted her. She does have PDD and a few other issues. When she's overwhelmed, she shuts down. Aggression was her mode of communication, and in truth her mom answered questions others asked toward her. Eventually, the school requested testing. I knew she had issues early on, but no one would listen....and the reassurance of my SIL's doctor that she would grow out of it wasted a lot of time.

There's tons of information available for you to read wherever, but find resources to allow your son to move forward and for you to have extra support as well.


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