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... It is very hard to discipline a child when you A - don't know if he understands why he/she is being disciplined, and B - they really aren't trying to misbehave -- they really do not see why you don't think it is the most exciting and fun thing on earth to play in the toilet! What you might want to do, especially because of the language barrier is use pictures/social stories... (21 replies)
... I am the "grandmother" of an autistic child who just celebrated his 7th birthday. I have disciplined him as well as his parents just like any other ordinary child. ... (21 replies)
... Teaching generally works better than discipline. Reward good behavior. If you don't have planned activities for your child, he will devise his own. Teach him how to play when you have to be occupied w/the baby. Our kids often have to be taught how to play & rewarded for doing it. When your kids on the spectrum are young, just pack up, box, stuff you don't want them to... (21 replies)

... has been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and has gone in and out of many challenging phases, but the biggest struggle so far is discipline. How do you discipline a child with Autism? ... (7 replies)
... tic. I, myself, wwhen my four year old becomes unsociable, and has an stimulation tantrum, People always look and porpbably just assume that I do not know how to discipline my child. ... (24 replies)
... :nono: Discipline, I find it very easy to discipline my other children, we do time-outs and talk about what was wrong and how they should have handled themselves. But Cadence since he doesn't totally understand language, I disapline him differentlly, I don't know if its working or if I'm doing more harm than good. I am tired of locking things up, having to get out ladders... (21 replies)
... My son was 5 when he was diagnosed with autism. Any mom with an autistic child will tell you they picked up on or just felt something from the start even before the diagnosis was given.The same applies here. ... (3 replies)
... The key to the word "discipline" is the word "disciple." A child, ASD or not, is a student, or disciple, of the parents. We learn best by a good example. My parents set a good one for me and, if I am ever so fortunate to have children, I hope to provide a good example for them. (21 replies)
... Time outs work for my dd sometimes. Yelling works, too. She gets real quiet and stops whatever it is she was doing. I used to give her a pop on the thigh to emphasize that she did something wrong, but that isn't necessary anymore. She knows what is right and wrong and does stuff around her father that she would never do around me - he doesn't discipline. On the... (21 replies)
... I have yet to figure out how to discipline Cara (who just turned 3). Spanking does not work - she doesn't even notice it! I mean she really doesn't notice it! Yelling doesn't work - either she doesn't hear it in her world or she ignores me. Explaining and reasoning and time out - we haven't even gone there! Cara doesn't seem to have the capacity for those yet. Our... (21 replies)
... as staff we would be hot lined for abuse where I work if we did that with a child who did not seek out the box as a comfort zone when not being disciplined. It could traumatize her or make her claustrophobic. ... (35 replies)
... Well I have worked with some autistic preschoolers and oodles of average preschoolers as well as infants and toddlers and have some background in the earlychildhood developmental stages and also have a son who is on the autistic spectrum(now age 13) with emotional behavior/development that could easily be charted at about half of his chronilogical age or less. In the... (7 replies)
... allow her to just "run the show" basically and they always say " well, it's the Autism" and I just wonder how much you can blame on Autism and if there is a true discipline problem! This little girl will constantly push her parents until she gets her way, then she's ok! ... (4 replies)
... d" in hallway any longer. If teacher needs help then they need to get someone to help. We had a bit of a disagreement on that. You do have the power on how your child is treated. ... (8 replies)
... Seems I am banging on at the same thing, on all my posts here this evening. this is my experience of a mum of an autistic child, 5 yrs old Autistic kids are really hard to discipline, especially if they are going nuts. It is up to the parents to supervise their autistic kid 24/7. This can be very tiring, so any support without judgement is greatly appreciated. If you... (11 replies)
... red, yellow and green lights on it. Each has velcro on it, as well as on the back of a school bus. If the child is doing well, he or she stays on green. When the child gets a warning for bad behaviors, the bus goes to yellow. ... (8 replies)
... actions. I learned, because it interested me because it was to do with clothes. If the school and you can come up with a new teaching tactics, to help focus your child the "listening" will probably be better. ... (8 replies)
... The county Department of Education official who had been brought in for this "very difficult child" of mine, and to get his unfit mother to "make her child behave" just rolled her eyes and asked if that was all. I got the drift that they better not ever call her in for something so stupid again. ... (8 replies)
... and having no control over it. I have 1 autistic child and 2 with adhd and I face this dilema all of the time. ... (4 replies)
... you might thing he simply has a discipline problem. ... (11 replies)

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