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... Since the late 80's, Ultrasounds and Autism have both been on the rise. I personally had numerous ultrasounds due to my Gestational Diabetes. ... (25 replies)
... was three weeks premature, and his low birthweight reflected this fact. ... (25 replies)
... My friend had a false afp test too and her son is autistic. ... (25 replies)

... no debate. Autism has increased massively in recent history, or at least the autism dx has. Could there be a correlation. Is autism genetic, or is it caused by trauma, ultrasound, vaccinations or diet? ... (25 replies)
... I am in the same position as EBoegel. I am going to throw a curve into to this also. I only had one ultrasound with my autistic daughter, Cara. ... (25 replies)
... communication and social interactions how would their results be truly conclusive. ... (25 replies)
... never. Cara is so happy being Cara. Yes, we have our rough moments when the autism gets ugly, but other times the autism is an amazing, unique way of dealing with the world. ... (25 replies)
... A younger friend of mine knowing our experience didn't want to take any chances. She has had five children and decided to avoid boosters while pregnant. ... (25 replies)
... could because we had so many. I had at least 5 ultrasounds with each pregnancy. I hope that science figures this out soon. Is it possible that we can prevent autism in future generations, and give our kids the chance of having healthy kids of their own? ... (25 replies)
... functioning, but I'm against completely getting rid of autistics. They bring certain personality traits and strengths that are quite beneficial in the world. ... (25 replies)
... NOS, about 3 ultrasounds also, had amnio as I was 38 and all genetics came back normal. I guess you never can tell..... ... (25 replies)
... I was born in an era where ultrasound was not available and I suspect I have Asperger's. What could have been the explanation then? ... (25 replies)
... Wow! Reading some of these posts was a little shocking to say the least. Someone who isn't really for a cure for Autism ? ... (25 replies)
... Just to throw off the curve, I only had one ultrasound with my daughter and she is autistic. Also, no known genetic link and no known 'trauma' during pregnancy. She's also always been healthy and has had no problems before this. ... (25 replies)
... is she celiac? (25 replies)
... I had 1 with my son he is NT , with my daughter in the spectrum 2 reg and 1 high tec where they scanned her whole body another issue with her is she had terrible digestive issues at birth to age 4? ... (25 replies)
... Like you, I would not change the basic things about myself. There are a lot of positive things I would not want to lose. I just want to improve myself and conquer obstacles I still face. ... (25 replies)
... my DS. He did have a shock reaction to pertussis vaccine, and I believe that is what did him in. ... (25 replies)
... him something told me not to do it but the hospital said that if I didn't have one done they would not give me an epidural during labour. Yikes. I was so young and stupid then. I wonder if MRI's can do any damage? ... (25 replies)
... Just as a note, if we're keeping track. I had a head CAT scan when I was about 3 weeks pregnant (didn't know it yet), followed by surgery under general anestethic and 4 pre-natal ultra-sounds. Sounds like a lot of radiation for one little fetus, doesn't it? But, who really knows. There are so many theories. Suzy Liam's happy faces: :blob_fire :rolleyes: :mad: :jester:... (25 replies)

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