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... Since the late 80's, Ultrasounds and Autism have both been on the rise. I personally had numerous ultrasounds due to my Gestational Diabetes. ... (25 replies)
... no debate. Autism has increased massively in recent history, or at least the autism dx has. Could there be a correlation. Is autism genetic, or is it caused by trauma, ultrasound, vaccinations or diet? ... (25 replies)
... As a consequence of this, throughout my following pregnancy, I had at least six ultrasound scans to monitor my babies weight. ... (25 replies)

... I am in the same position as EBoegel. I am going to throw a curve into to this also. I only had one ultrasound with my autistic daughter, Cara. ... (25 replies)
... communication and social interactions how would their results be truly conclusive. If the mice in my potting shed told me that they were upset that I layed out Decon trying to kill them, then I might take this study a little more serious, please do the same. ... (25 replies)
... never. Cara is so happy being Cara. Yes, we have our rough moments when the autism gets ugly, but other times the autism is an amazing, unique way of dealing with the world. ... (25 replies)
... With Internet younger mothers are more savvy, in control, more sophisticated and educated than what we were. ... (25 replies)
... Ill add my 2 cents - I would do anything to find a cure for my son. His Autism does not define him - I would like to find the key to let him escape! I have 3 kids #1 full term, gestational diabetes, squillion ultrasounds she is now 8 and in advanced placement classes, #2 biggest baby 10lbs - heading on the same path as her sister maybe 3 ultrasounds. #3 9.5lbs healthy and... (25 replies)
... Wow! Reading some of these posts was a little shocking to say the least. Someone who isn't really for a cure for Autism ? ... (25 replies)
... I too find this interesting. I had numerous ultrasounds with all of my kids. In fact, we used to joke around with the techs telling them that we could read the ultrasounds better than they could because we had so many. ... (25 replies)
... functioning, but I'm against completely getting rid of autistics. They bring certain personality traits and strengths that are quite beneficial in the world. ... (25 replies)
... I was born in an era where ultrasound was not available and I suspect I have Asperger's. What could have been the explanation then? ... (25 replies)
... is she celiac? (25 replies)
... I had 1 with my son he is NT , with my daughter in the spectrum 2 reg and 1 high tec where they scanned her whole body another issue with her is she had terrible digestive issues at birth to age 4? ... (25 replies)
... eryday towards trying to be the best we can be, while always accepting each other as we are with unconditional love. The more capable my kids are of functioning in society the more confident they will feel and the richer I believe their lives will become. ... (25 replies)
... months old was dx with a CCAM tumor in his lung and had ALOT of ultrasounds. I would say about 2 a month from 4 months on. ... (25 replies)
... It may be premature to be blaming yourselves, Moms. Remember that many, many Moms had ultrasounds -- not just the small % that ended up with kids on the spectrum. I didn't have any ultrasounds at all w/my DS. He did have a shock reaction to pertussis vaccine, and I believe that is what did him in. In the future, we may find that there are subsets on the spectrum,... (25 replies)
... Well, the ultrasound link to autism is disproven, along with older father's, television, and vaccines to just name a few. Tom Cruz has his own ultrasound machine, so if any children are going to be diagnosed with autism his certainly would be......and they haven't as far as I know. ... (9 replies)
... This would be in no way be our faults if there is a correlation. Please don't feel guilty. ... (11 replies)
... ne took quite sometime. Then another level 1 due to heart rate going down also the fetal monitor sends out waves too ive read. For more info on this topic i read ultrasound risks pregnancy.It talks abot damage to cells,myelin sheath, stomach cells, left handedness. ... (11 replies)

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