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... I too had many ultrasounds with my son, nine years old and severely autistic. He is a twin, his brother is typically developing. ... (11 replies)
... Anybody here have a child with autism and had a number of ultrasounds when pregnant with him or her? ... (11 replies)
May 9, 2006
... in regard to ultrasounds i am not sure if they would have any effect and really at this stage it is pretty well all guess work on "the big why" question but the world wide average of children born with autism is about one in every 166 births i believe, just a little more common than here in the U.S. and that includes countries that arent so into standardized invasive testing:)... (2 replies)

... This is a very interesting theory. I can't wait to discuss it with the therapists. I too had many ultrasounds due to gestational diabetes and my sons very large size. ... (11 replies)
... maggieas, I think some doctors really over use them and its a shame. I only had one a piece with my four kids and I was satisfied with that. I don't know if the ultrasounds are directly linked with autism, but with my research, I hope we find answers. ... (11 replies)
... s's to a minimum. I was so tempted to see my baby but with all the studies I read about ultrasounds heating up the baby a bit, I just did not want to risk it. ... (11 replies)
... I to had ALOT of ultrasounds!! The day I found out I was pregant I had one and every week for five months then the dr didn't think I needed them as often. But then when I was seven and a half months pregnant problems started again. I had them once every other week. I also had amniosentese I don't know if that is spelt right. I have never given the ultrasound thing a thought... (11 replies)
... What an interesting thread. I had four ultrasounds, so not such a high number, but I did go into premature labour at 28 weeks (which they managed to stop) and then my boy was induced (lots of drugs, obviously), plus he wasn't breathing when he was born. I've wondered if these different factors might have triggered something off. There's also a possibility that I was... (11 replies)
... My sister proposed the same theory. She and I both had quite a few ultrasounds, but I haven't found it to be a common thread around the other parents I've spoken to. My nephew is very high functioning aspergers and my son is very high functioning pddnos. (11 replies)
... NOS, about 3 ultrasounds also, had amnio as I was 38 and all genetics came back normal. I guess you never can tell..... ... (25 replies)
... I too find this interesting. I had numerous ultrasounds with all of my kids. In fact, we used to joke around with the techs telling them that we could read the ultrasounds better than they could because we had so many. I had at least 5 ultrasounds with each pregnancy. I hope that science figures this out soon. ... (25 replies)
... I've had a number of ultrasounds also because of a bright spot on the baby's heart and the jaw being slightly recessed. ... (9 replies)
... I would not have done this because I have read there is a link between ultrasounds and autism. ... (9 replies)
... It may be premature to be blaming yourselves, Moms. Remember that many, many Moms had ultrasounds -- not just the small % that ended up with kids on the spectrum. I didn't have any ultrasounds at all w/my DS. He did have a shock reaction to pertussis vaccine, and I believe that is what did him in. In the future, we may find that there are subsets on the spectrum,... (25 replies)
... positive AFP test. Tons of ultrasounds later the assured me everything was fine. He also had a head ct at 3 weeks of age from an accident at home. ... (25 replies)
... I have always wondered about this myself. I had 7 ultrasounds with Blake and he is autistic. ... (25 replies)
... Since the late 80's, Ultrasounds and Autism have both been on the rise. I personally had numerous ultrasounds due to my Gestational Diabetes. ... (25 replies)
... Is the "Moebius" mouth caused by paralysis...I thought it was just the shape of the mouth? I guess I'm displaying my ignorance (and paranoia). Now that I think about it, I actually had 7 ultrasounds, one at 6 wks to rule out an ectopic pg, one standard one at 8 wks, one at 11 wks for Nuchal Translucency test, one for an amnio, one at 20+wks because they couldn't see... (9 replies)
... I have an infant, and I'm probably being paranoid, but I'm feeling very worried now because I had 5 ultrasounds during my pregnancy. I keep wondering if my son is making enough eye contact, etc. ... (9 replies)
... i had alot of problems with my 1st pregnancy and had approx 20- 30 ultrasounds... sometimes 3 a baby is now 2 and a half and is perfect!!! (25 replies)

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