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Recently this past winter I wasn't able to do much since I just graduated and couldn't get a job because of no transportation and chronic bronchitis. x.x
My muscles have been tense and I've been trying to pop my back by myself like an idiot.
I have seemed to have hurt myself in the process..

I got diagnosed with sciatica damage (from not doing anything) and I think I may have a misplaced vertebrae in my back! I need some experienced people to help! I live in East Texas and my hospital is terrible at helping people! No joke!

My middle back keeps popping and the first time I tried to go to the ER, I was stuck in the waiting room in feeling like I was going into a seizure. I popped my back twice then all of a sudden I got a HUGE head rush and it stayed for around 30 seconds and it was INTENSE! It felt hot in my ears and eyes and they were pulsing then it released and spread to my WHOLE BODY in tingles and numbness along with severe muscle spasms. Then my ears popped with air that seemed to be trapped. My chest and neck were having sharp pains, cramping and twitching. I also lost control of my bladder and bowel movements. My womanly parts seemed to get wet on their own too (you know what I mean). My arms when I would move them up and down I could feel the muscle that connects to my middle finger tingle, and be numb and I could hardly move it at all so I could sign myself into the hospital. I also felt the same but less sensations in my feet.

Ever since I've been walking and it makes it somewhat better for my lower back pain (sciatica I'm guessing) but not my upper!

My doctor a few days later told me I had sciatica, and fibromyalgia and the day I went to the hospital, that doctor told me it was mild arthritis from the CT I got (I had to fight them for it because he was refusing even though I was still having muscle spasms)

Right now as I'm typing this post I am having minor spasms in my mid back and I can feel my lower back hurting also. PLEASE HELP AND SHARE BECAUSE THIS HOSPITAL WONT HELP ME AT ALL! They think I'm lying!

I'm too young for this kind of change!
I don't want to be scared to move my back or sleep a certain way!
I'm just a scared 18 year old girl who just wants to get her life back! :(

Please ask me questions because I may have missed details!

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