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I would guess that you have some muscles that were strained from the move and then exacerbated by sitting for such a long time. We should do it all the time, but especially when soft tissue or muscle has been injured or stressed, it is really important to get up about every half hour. As little as 90 seconds is enough to allow the muscles to let go and rearrange a little bit.

Even in a perfectly set up ergonomic desk and seat, people who sit for long periods often complain of sore shoulders and upper back. The tendency is to carry the head too far forward, which pulls the rest of the spine out of alignment.

One simple "exercise" you can do to ameliorate this is the following:

Lie on your back on a firm surface like the floor with knees bent, feet flat on floor. Place arms close to sides with palms facing up toward the ceiling. Tip chin very slightly toward chest so that as much of the back of neck is on floor as possible. Also be sure pelvis is in neutral position. Now, just relax and breathe slowly and deeply from the belly.

This position is a natural form of traction that is very good for spinal alignment and for resetting the autonomic nervous system.

When I am having soreness or pain, I do this morning and night for about five minutes. Even once a day will help to realign your spine, unload the discs, allow muscles that are "guarding" to relax and let go, etc.

If an area feels tight, try icing it for about 20 minutes. You can keep a package of peas or corn in the freezer for this purpose if you do not have a gel pack or ice bag!

Hope some of these tips help. If you continue doing what you are doing positionally, chances of ending up with an injury are good.

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