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Thank you for your response. Prior to the car accident I had been walking quite a bit when the weather was nice enough and trying various gyms in my area in order to join one. I felt I was in the best shape as far as pain was concerned since well prior to my original neck issues. I was getting ready to truly get in shape. I was pretty much pain free. Then I was rear-ended and it set me back.
In regards to the cervical area: headaches, lack of ROM, very tight in my neck as if locked in-place at times, muscle spasms and knots galore. Both the PT and myself feel a pea or larger sized node in my neck on the right side just under the skull. Hard to tell what it might be. bone spur? Not sure what decompression of both the neural foramina and the spinal cord means, but not so sure it is positive. Not sure, but I think osteophytic refers to bone spurs. I think that they can be causing problems.
In reference to the lumber region: I have pain in my lower back which makes sleeping very difficult. I have pain in my right hip area upper thigh and my feet at times are burning and numb. There are times that I feel as if I am limping and feel much more comfortable walking while leaning over the supermarket cart. If I stand for too long cooking or washing dishes my pain increases. Not sure what these statements mean: a prominent S1-S2 intervertebral disc and intervertebral disks demonstrate decreased T2 signal. "At L5-S1 there is an asymmetric disc bulge within the left neural foramen abutting the exiting left S1 nerve root"' Does this mean that the S1 nerve is being impinged and causing the problems? I'm trying not to search the web for these phrases.

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