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Re: Laminectomy.
Jun 21, 2015
Thanks for all the replies. I sincerely appreciate them. This last one above me ,,,,,,,,,,,Whoa, you are a tough guy. You know what, country living will likely make you feel better. I get a charge out of watching and hearing all the birds at my feeders, and feeding resident chipmunks when I'm home.

I have to work till I'm 70 and have about 9 years to go, so I've decided to just try to stay in shape and take Aleve when needed. If something really breaks I'll get it fixed.

One thing I go back and forth with that seems to help immensely with but not easy to do is give up bread, muffins, crackers, etc. and of course trying to limit sugar, but always try to combine protein with sugar to neutralize it.

I recently did it again after having a tooth pulled and my back is over 90% better. I was eating the "really good stuff" Ezeikel's and waking up every morning with back spasms. And I am NOT gluten sensitive. But the wheat in this country...............I subscribe to Natural News and they said last year China/Japan refused a gazillion lbs of USA wheat because they said it was contaminated. Think the US threw it away? LOL

Ancient Wheat was only about a foot tall...........Enter Wheat is as tall as some NBA players..........Anyway, it's working for me, your experience may vary.

I'm not saying I'll never eat pizza, sandwich, etc. But this is working much better for me.

Also, if I'm going to be doing tough yardwork, or my usually 3 to 4 hours of snowblowing or shoveling, I take something live Aleve BEFORE I start.

I have a resurface hip that sometimes gets a little sore, but it works GREAT overall.

I think the thing that got me is talking with someone in the waiting room who was in for RE Stenosis surgery. It seems once you go down that road.................So until the "Great Temple" really crumples..............

I also keep putting off doing REGULAR yoga. Not the "Synergy" kind which I tried and actually triggered back problems.

I've talked with people who have tried REGULAR yoga, which is just stretching and they swear by it.

Anyway, I get notices when someone replies to this thread and I'll check in. I sincerely hope everyone on here finds a way to decrease their pain, or eliminate it.
Re: Laminectomy.
Jun 21, 2015
It was great to hear from you, all you can do is stick with it I always push and push hard and I end up paying for it. I live in Missouri and where I live rocks grow like grass so I was dinging them out yesterday (I did not pick them up) and I paid for it.

The pain Dr's upped my meds to Oxy 30mg now and that is mostly for the leg pain (if it is doing something I thank God but I do not want to stop to find out lol)

I moved here so I could do what I want not what someone wants me to do I have beaten the odds so far they expected me in a chair years ago. The stretching sounds good what I would do to be able to do that in the morning without pain. I applied for medical for the hip and now i just wait to see if they give them to me if so I get a hip lol then I know they will dump me it has happened before but what can you do, and I refuse to go on obama no care lol

I agree with you about the laminectomy, once they open you up you are never the same, back in NY my best friend he is a chiro we figured my problem was scar tissue from the surgery and that is just one reason I refused the second to remove the rods . I know the stenosis I have on the next level up along with arthritis and a few other things but I laugh about it, I have to. But I have to get back to mowing my lawn I have about another 2 hours to go then I can relax in my chair and more than likely fall asleep with the cat in my lap. I take it light there is no other way I can take it.

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