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Discogram Results
Jun 9, 2015
Hi All. I am new to the boards. I have had lower back pain since about October 2014. Long story short, I was sent to a pain management doctor who did an MRI in January. Showed DDD in L3 & L4 and a herniated disc at L5-S1. After epidurals did not help, I was referred to a surgeon.
He requested that I get a discogram so he could identify which discs were causing my pain. The pain I have is mainly lower back and buttocks pain. It is sometimes a deep ache or stabbing pain. I do have some pain that radiates to my thighs. The back pain is by far worse than the leg pain. There are days that I can hardly bear to sit through work.
I had the discogram a week ago today. It was very painful. It took her 4 attempts to get the needle placed correctly at L5. By attempt #3 I was gripping the table so hard and was ready to crawl off of it. The first level I felt pressure but nothing too bad, 2nd level was painful but not anything I couldn't handle. She then did the bad level. This was pain unlike anything I have ever felt. Blood pressure shot up to something like 180/115 I think she said.
I am still in so much pain from the procedure. I got the CT report today. It shows:
L3-L4: Grade 0 discogram, 1 mm broad disc bulge.
L4-L5: Grade 0 discogram, 2 mm broad disc bulge.
L5-S1: Grade 3 discogram, 3 mm broad disc bulge with unroofing inferiorly, Foraminal stenosis mild on left.
Impressions: Retroisthesis is 1mm at L5-S1, spondylosis is mild at L4-L5 and L5-S1.

I know nobody can give medical dignosis, I am just wondering if anyone else has had anything similar? I don't meet with the surgeon for another 2 weeks. At the consultation he recommended a fusion. He said he was not sure how many level, the discogram would determine that. I guess I am worried that because of the disc bulges above L5-S1 that those will need to be fused as well.
Thanks for listening and any advice!

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