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Hi, new here & I'm literally at the point of begging for relief & answers. SUPER short history, I have severe chronic psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, chronic severe anemia & have had multiple surgeries got ovarian cysts on my right ovary over the years. I recently became active after a 4 year break from not being able to work out because of my arthritis. About 1 month ago I thought I pulled a muscle in my lower back but the pain never went away. After multiple dr appts, tests & more playing ring-around the "lets take your co-pay" medical rosey I still have no significant answer or any pain relief at all.

My MRI showed a L5-S1 mildly bulging dessicated disc. A 53mm cyst on my right ovary & a cyst on my right kidney. My grandmother had just been going thru the exact same symptoms last year & was diagnosed w/ Sarcoma so my Dr ordered a CT Scan that just came back normal.

Because of the siZe of the cyst & my history I saw my OBGYN today to rule out the cyst being the source of all the pain & discomfort & thankfully my cyst has shrunk from the time of the MRI. Back to square one now though.

My regular dr referred me to a "pain management dr" last week who said the source of my back pain is my arthritis & said nothing he could do that would help & threw me towards my rheumatologist. Problem is, unfortunately I'm all too familiar with what pain I feel, when I feel it and what it is and I know this pain is nothing I have ever felt with my arthritis. My arthritis is dense, heavy and the pain fills like you've just held your muscles and joints in the same position for the last 12 hours straight and is usually worse in the morning but usually goes away. This pain that refuses to give me any relief is constant and consistent and it doesn't matter if I stay laying, sitting or moving, once I've finally gotten in that position it throbs endlessly then send out jolts of the most intense electrifying pain that literally takes my breath away.
I don't know what to do because I can't take anti-inflamitories because of the drug interaction of my psoriasis medication and no one will help. They just push me to the next dr. I'm 31 and feel 91. I have an appt with a back surgeon but can't help but feel like nothing will come of it. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you kindly.

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