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I have low back pain constantly, but the nerve pain in my hamstrings and knee area, and sometimes below the knee (but not in feet or toes), changes somewhat daily depending (I think) on the position I slept in. My hips also hurt, I suspect because of the iliopsoas and other low back muscles inflamed due to guarding. It does NOT mean I get relief when standing or walking, just the opposite. About the only relief I get is sitting.
I responded to an online "free MRI" eval from North American Spine for a laser procedure. After reading the report they said I was not a candidate for laser, but that I need a laminectomy and discectomy. They want me to send the actual MRI images. I will probably choose to see a local specialist in orthopaedics, or neurology, but I'm still interested in YOUR observation as one who has been there and has the Tee shirt. I typed my entire MRI for your reading pleasure, just in case you have trouble sleeping. For me, this back pain is a pain in the neck!
Thank you Teteri66. You have invested significant time in reading my posts and interpreting the MRI report, and I appreciate it. I sense, from the number of posts you have made, that you have personal experience and training in spine disorders. My selfish hope is that I recovery completely and get back to golf, fishing, kayaking and the final stage of my working career, and never have reason to read another health message board. I want to be optimistic, however, I have been bothered for over nine months with no end in site so I will likely return here for dialog that should be provided by my own doctors. If nothing else happens I have a new empathy for people who suffer chronic back pain.
Thanks again,

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