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Hi everyone. This all started a week ago when I suddenly woke up and the lower part of my back was in pain. Then later on that day and start to get these excruciating pains in my sides. Sometimes on the left. Sometimes on the right. I believe they're my flanks. These pains would just come and go. Worst pains I've ever felt.

My mother takes me to the ER the next night, I tell the doctor my symptoms and he thinks that I may have had a kidney stone. But they ran a CT scan, did my blood work and a urinalysis and they all came back clean. No kidney stones, no appendicitis, no Chrohn's disease, no urinary tract infection, no type of inflammation etc. They did give me some morphine for the pain as well as some prescription meds.

Those areas on my body are still sore and now they're interfering with my sleep. I'm barely able to stay asleep for at least two hours now. I can't find the right sleeping position for me. And I also made the mistake of googling my symptoms(bad idea I know) and now I'm afraid that I may have some specific types of that dreaded C word. IE pancreatic, colon etc. Never mind that all those tests at the hospital came back clear as I mentioned earlier and that it's very rare for someone my age(31) to get those diseases. I also don't have any family history of those nor do I smoke or drink. I guess I fear I may have those because I've started to cramp and get constipated. A couple days ago was the first time I had a bowel movement in nearly a week. Though the stool was normal colored and there wasn't any blood.

Weird thing is, the morning before all of this started, I was awake until 5 in the morning and I felt fine. And when I woke up it was only after 10. Could this possibly be a muscle spasm?
I can't help with the mystery back pain but pain meds can be very constipating. Sounds like you are making more of these symptoms than is justified. Try to relax and trust the tests and doctors. It very well could be muscle spasms made worse by anxiety.

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