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I do, he's a pain doctor and he's done two epidural injections at the T8-9 level. The first one worked for a week and the second one did nothing. I go back on the 12th to discuss the mess that is my neck. I'm hesitant to have injections there but at this point I am willing to consider it. I've tried nerve medications but they both made me very emotional (gabapentin and amytriptyline). I'm also allergic to arthrotec and ibuprofen makes me nauseous. My job definitely makes my pain worse. Compounding things, I broke my left tib/fib 5 years ago and it healed wrong and periodically becomes painful enough to need to walk with a crutch which definitely makes my back act up. They say I need surgery to rebreak (!) my leg but I'm putting that off for as long as possible.

I was wondering if the back problems are the cause of the hideous muscle knots that I get in my shoulders and mid back.

I also wonder if chiropractic treatments are dangerous. They used to help but now they seem to make me feel worse. Any recommendations on how to slow down the progression?

Thanks for the replies, it is nice to know I'm not alone.

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