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Nerve pain
Nov 3, 2015
Hi, have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis 2 years ago and had another CT scan yesterday after experiencing pain for the past 3 days in right lower back and hip
my ct results says:
L1/2: No significant disc protrusion. The central canal and exit foramina appear adequate

L2/3: Minor disc bulge. The central canal and exit foramina appear adequate. Early facet joint degenerative change

L3/4: Mild disc bulge and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy. Minor encroachment on the central canal. The exit foramina appear adequate

L4/5: Disc bulge. Ligamentum flavum hypertrophy. Mild central canal stenosis. Minor encroachment of both exit foramina

L5/S1: Marked disc space narrowing, endplate osteophytes, endplate sclerosis and vacuum phenomenon, consistent with degenerative disc disease. Disc bulge. Mild central canal stenosis. Abutment of the origins of both transiting S1 nerve roots. No overt evidence of nerve root displacement or flattening. Moderate left and mild right exit foraminal stenosis. Abutment of both existing L5 nerve roots. Mild Bilateral facet arthropathy

Just seen a GP and have put me on Mobic but the pain is unbearable
Any advice please?

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