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Dear Doctors,

Please help me.

I am 58 years old women. I recently done the MRI for back and spin. I am not able to sit, stand or lie down. There is the diagnosis. Please advise speciality of the doctor to see. How to manage with pain? How to ensure that the pain does not increase. I am 238 lbs.

1 five non-rib bearing lumbar type vertebral bodies are assumed
2 there is mild curvature of the lumbar spine convex to the left
3 there are small anterior marginal osteophytes and minimal modic type 2
degenerative changes of the vertebral endplates at L5-S1
4 there is no demonstrable abnormal enhancement
5 the disc spaces are preserved
6 the disc are hydrated
7 there are degenerative changes of the visualized right sacroiliac joint
8 there are several subcentimeter right renal cortical cysts the largest measuring 7mm
9 There is no additional significant abnormality of the visualized retroperitoneal
and para vertebral soft tissues
10 the conus medullaris terminates at the lkevel of L1
11 T12-L1 through L3-L4: no significant abnormality

12 L4-L5: broad-based posterior disc bulging measuring a maximal Apdimension
of approximately 2mm
13 L5-S1:Broad based posterior disc bulging most pronounced in the posterolateral
aspects measuring a maximal AP dimension of approximately 2to 3mm.
severe facet arthropathy
moderate right foraminal narrowing
mild left foraminal narroiwing
mild spinal stenosis

1 Mild curvature of the lumbar spine convex to the left
2 broad based posterior disc bulgiing,facet arthropathy,mild bilateral foraminal
narrowing and mild spinal stenosis at L4-L5
3 spondylosis,broad based posterior disc bulging,facet arthropathy,moderate right foraminal narrowing,mild left
foraminal narrowing and mild spinal stenosis at L5-S1
4 Degenerative changes of the right sacroiliac joint
5 subcentimeter right renal cortical cysts

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