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This is my report of the mri.. very confusing, my ortho is the one that ordered the MRI and when he got it back he sent a referral to a spine surgeon.. my ortho had talked about different things we could try like the injections and physical therapy and stuff like that but now he just sends me straight to the surgeon I'm just trying to find out if I'm going to have to go right into surgery or if there is going to be options with that being a 12 millimeter protusion..

Five lumbarized monitoring segments. Normal alignment. Single of
degenerative disc disease at L5-S1 evidence for interspace narrowing and
disc dehydration. Left paracentral posterior disc protrusion and L5-S1 and
inferior border the cul-de-sac and contacting proximal left S1 root. This
disc protrusion measures approximately 12 millimeters in width by 5-6
millimeters AP.
Minimal disc dehydration and report seen at L4-L5. Tiny posterior annular
tear or fissure on the left at this level without disc protrusion or
extrusion. This finding tear measures about 3 millimeters in length. No
encroachment upon gas seen nerve roots or exiting L4 roots. Mild facet
arthropathy bilaterally. Mild narrowing. Paragraph axial scans extending
from T12-L1 through L3-L4 demonstrate no abnormality. Unremarkable colon is
located at T12-L1. Bone marrow signal is uniform and normal. Posterior
elements intact. No visible paraspinous mass or abnormal fluid collection.


Left paracentral posterior disc protrusion at L5-S1 impinges upon proximal
left S1 nerve root.
Tiny left posterolateral annular fissure or tear at L4-L5.

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