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[QUOTE=noevr;5393782]Hi burning usually is a sign of nerve pain. When it cramps does it feel more like someone is grabbing at your muscles cuz that sounds like muscle spasms. The whole description almost sounds like a problem I had in 06, I had a annular tear. That where the inside is torn and the the core leaks onto the nerves causing the pain. The disc isn't fully herniated at this point.

They sometimes can heal on their own with rest aND taking it easy, not bending, twisting, lifting. I would see a pain management specialist who could possibly do a MRI or a discography. They may want to treat with some steroid injections.

I know you are probably making faces at all this, for one thing you need to work, right? BUT if you completely blow the disc you could be looking at surgery, if this is what it is. Best to get to a dr get some tests to see what's going on.

You could partially protect yourself MAYBE by getting a good back brace to wear when doing something but I wouldn't til a dr looks at it.

let us know what you find out. Oh, ice helps with this. Put an ice pack in a towel 20 min on then take off.. good for muscle spasms. Heat will inflame it.


Yes, Cathy, it does feel like someone grabbed the upper portion of my butt cheek, rather than an actual spasm. I forgot to tell that my calf muscles will cramp for like a millisecond, maybe even a tremor or jerk, then quit?? Even laying on my left side with my knees pulled up a little causes pain. Thanks.

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