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Hi! Sorry for the delay in response. I actually typed out a nice long response yesterday and somehow deleted it when I hit preview post. I won't be doing that today.

So my pain is constantly across my back, getting worse when trying to get up. My legs feel very shakey when trying to get up and when using steps. The pain mostly in my left leg, only a few times here and there has it been in the right. So the leg pain in the left is more of a burning constantly and when changing positions, getting up or down, walking etc. i will have shooting pains and stronger burning sensations. The burning sometimes feels like a bulls eye where it radiates from one point outward? Does that sound like other explanations? I know we all have our own way to describe and different pains.

So I have been thinking about your post and discussed things with my husband and he feels the same way as you do as far as just masking the pain isn't really the answer. We also decided that there is no point in any other injections because they did not work for months before my surgery in 2011 and they weren't working over the last few months either.

We have been thinking maybe we should try the discogram, but also have read about it and see that it doesn't always find the issue either. Did you have a discogram? Did they ever find out what was causing your pain?

There are a lot of avenues to consider, and I'm not really sure which one would be the best. I looked back at my "neurosurgeon" and see that he isn't a neurosurgeon, but a fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon as you suggested. His name is Steven Valentino from Liberty Spine Care in NJ. Would you think now I should try to get another opinion form an actual "Neurosurgeon"?

I go back to my PM doctor on Monday and will discuss options with him, which I assume would be what the spine surgeon wrote up for him after my consultation.

Is there anything else you think that I should try or ask about? I would just love to get rid of the pain. I know you know that feeling. I can handle going back to the 3-4 pain level that I was at until the last 3 months. I can deal with that much easier. I can work and function normally or as close to normal as I can. Now, being out of work for the last 3 months. My position is going to be posted as of 12/23. I can't see myself being back to work at that point.

Thanks again for your thoughts on my situation!

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