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I've been having upper back pain for a little over a month now, I don't even know how I got it, I just woke up one day with an aching pain across my upper back. It doesn't feel achy now like it did at that time, but I do get an almost sharp pain in the middle and to the right of the spine when I move a certain way or sit back in a chair. It feels better when I wake up, but it will act up if I over do it. I have to stop taking ibuprofen for now because my stomach is irritated and I've had reflux. I've been to urgent care twice, the er twice, I've had a chest X-ray and back xray, both are good, they figured I have a pulled muscle. I had an mri of the thoracic spine Saturday, I'm supposed to hear back in a day or two for that. Im writing here because I'm worried that I might actually be having referred pains instead of actual back pain. The Drs I've seen did not seem concerned that that was the case. I'm nervous about some things I've been noticing; I get this odd sensation in my gut, it's not painful but I just notice a sensation sometimes. I go to the bathroom everyday, But my bowel movements are not the same like they were before, it's like I don't eliminate as much now. Also yesterday I was doing dishes and when I turned my head I felt a sharp pain in my back. I had tight back muscles too, I assumed it was from standing too long. When I went to bed my body felt cold, I couldn't get warm, but I threw on a sweater and started to warm up.
I'm supposed to be going to physical therapy in a couple weeks, and I'm gonna see a GI dr too for an endoscopy because of the reflux and irritation. So my concern is whether or not there could be something serious going on in me, as the Drs didn't seem to think so, but I can't help it, these weird feelings cause me to panic. Sorry for the long post, i hope I didn't leave anything out.

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