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Welcome to the board. It is fairly normal to have what feels like hip pain after a lower lumbar back surgery. There are a variety of causes but it mostly has to do with getting all muscles to begin to work again. When we have lower lumbar pain or radiculopathy in legs or feet that makes walking painful, the body naturally compensates and tries to guard the injured area. After months or years of this, the muscles forget what they are supposed to do and are "turned off". As a result other muscles and soft tissue work harder than they should and this results in pain.

You might find it helpful to go to someone who specializes in bodywork that emphasizes structural alignment and posture. You can find some helpful information online. I noticed the ********** site has some useful information on strengthening and balancing muscles of the back and core that might be useful to you.

In the meantime I have an exercise for you that is good for everyone. It helps to realign the spinal column, takes pressure off the intervertebral discs and helps to reset the parasympathetic nervous system...and it is easy. Do it morning and night if possible.

Lie on the floor or firm flat surface on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place arms as close to sides as comfortable, palms facing up. Be sure pelvis is in neutral position. Position head so it is in alignment with rest of spine and back of neck is resting on floor without tipping chin into chest. Once in this position, relax and breathe deeply from the belly (so you can see belly rising and falling.). Do this for about 2 to 5 minutes or so.

Depending on how tight you are it may take a week or so until this position begins to feel comfortable. Hopefully it will provide some relief for your hip pain.

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