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I am pretty much driving myself insane because I can't answer any of my own questions. So I'm just seeking advice or maybe someone with the same issues.

Back when I was 14 or 15, I remember I was laying in bed and all of the sudden my lower back had a sharp pain. I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle, or just a random pain. This night began what has been the most agonizing 6+ years of my life.

I suffered for about a year before finally going to the doctors. My pain in my lower back was unbearable. I couldn't sit without almost crying from the insane pressure and pain in my lower back. I slept sitting up on my couch every night, because laying down on a bed was physically impossible. I spent countless nights pacing around my house trying to find relief for my pain, but nothing seemed to help. When I finally went to the doctors, I had an xray done on my back, and my doctor pretty much told me there was absolutely nothing wrong, and prescribed me some 800mg ibuprofen and sent me on my way. This did nothing for me, since I had already been taking ibuprofen regularly. A couple of months passed and my pain was still unbearable. My mom had me go to a chiropractor. He told my that was spine didn't have much of a curve and slightly went to the side. I started going to his office three times a week, down to twice a week, and then once a week for a couple months. Although it felt nice to have my back cracked, it did nothing to relieve my pain, and after running out of visits, I stopped going.

Throughout the next couple of years, I just managed with my pain. Some days I was fine, yet there was always a small bit of pain. Other days it was unbearable and I would spend the whole day crying in pain.

In 2014 I went through phases of little to no back pain for a couple of weeks. But once the pain returned, it seemed like it was worse than it had ever been. I started taking hot showers and letting the hot water run right on my lower back and the back and front of my left leg (the left side and middle is always what has hurt me, especially the front of my thigh always burnt when I had my back pain). This helped more than anything had ever helped before.

Between 2014-2015 the pain was as manageable as it had ever been. Around May of 2015, I went to the zoo with my family. I felt weird while walking, like something with my legs just didn't feel right. But I brushed it off because it was a cooler day, and I was wearing shorts for the first time since the previous fall. Throughout the next couple of months, the problems with my legs only seemed to get worse. I went to a concert in July and had to walk a very long distance. I had on boots, and my left foot kept getting the sensation that I was sliding on something. It kept happening so often that I kept stopping to check to see if there was something on the bottom of my boot. That night I had a pretty bad blister on the bottom on my foot, under my big toe. The next day was also spent walking around in the same boots, so that did not help the blister.

In August I was at my siblings school festival and walking through the grass when suddenly it was like my toes caught the ground and I tripped forward. Yet while I was tripping, it was like I didn't have enough strength in my upper legs and it felt like they kept collapsing while I was trying to catch myself, and eventually I fell. I had difficulty getting up, because it felt like my legs just went strong enough.

A couple months later I was walking through a mall and the exact same thing happened, where I once again had trouble getting back up.

I work in a fast food restaurant and around september I found myself walking much slower. Like my legs just didn't want to work. It has only gotten worse since then.

In December, I was at work and I slid on the floor and fell. When I fell, I heard what felt like SEVERAL mini pops and cracks. I thought for sure I had dislocated my knee or even broke my ankle. I had the most difficult time standing back up from being weak in the legs, and from the floor being greasy. Ever since that fall, I feel like I am only getting worse.

Although my right leg is also somewhat affected, most of my problems are in my left leg. My feet feel numb, yet when I pinch them it's like it sends a reaction up from my feet to my knee. My foot will jerk if I pinch or apply pressure to them. I am having an INCREDIBLY difficult time walking. I can hardly walk 10 feet without needing to grab onto something for balance. My left knee is also messed up. Ever since I fell at work, my left ankle and knee give out very easily and it's like my left foot has curved in, almost like it's out of place or something. My knee constantly bends straight back like there is absolutely nothing stopping it from going back. I also cannot seem to bend my knee, such as when I squat down it's just like nothing happens, as if it is locked up or something, which makes walking hard since my knee doesn't bend when I try walking. And my ankle rolls when the outer part of my bottom has pressure on it. So when I walk, it's like I am swinging my leg out to avoid having to use my knee for bending.

I am not sure what to do. I am slowly becoming depressed from this because I literally can't even go out in public. When I go to work everyday, the walk from my parking spot to the building is so bad that I use an ice scraper as a make shift cane. And when I return home from work, walking up my flight of stairs in nearly impossible. I cannot even walking up stairs if there isn't handle or rails on both sides. And when I do, I lift my right foot onto the higher step and use my upper body strength to pull myself and my left foot up to the next step.

I am not sure what to do, as I am only turning 21 and I can't even go into public for fear of falling. And the physical troubles of even walking. I weigh 235 pounds at the moment. I have lost 25 pounds since the first of the year and am continuing to diet to lose weight, yet it is hard when I literally cannot even balance myself enough to stand in one spot without swaying or holding onto something for support, making exercise difficult. I cannot even stand up off my couch without grabbing onto something with one hand and using my other hand to push myself up off the couch.

I guess I am just wondering if this could be sciatica or what it could potentially be or if anyone has experienced anything like this before. I would take the excruciating back pain over the inability to walk any day. :(
Sorry for the extremely long post, I just wanted to include everything I could think of!

Thank you!

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